RED JASPER: Luck, Courage, Wisdom

Red Jasper Crystal Wholesale Online

Chakra – Heart Chakra

Zodiac – Scorpio

Introduction to the Red Jasper Crystal Healing Properties

“ Your Only Attract Your Desires In Your Life. Steppin’ Away From Your Pain Today Would Be The First Step Of A Better Tomorrow.” 

Ever felt like the absence of life energy in your day-to-day work? The lack of creativity and loss of passion in life? If so, then Red Jasper crystal is a stone that you should welcome in your life.

Red jasper is a stone that is highly renowned for artists going through the rough patch of life. The reason is its ability to bring courage, attract wisdom, and luck in your life.

To get started with you shall know that, the Red Jasper crystal works with your heart chakra. The heart chakra invites true love, courage, and passion into our life.

Moreover also note that the stone might also be found in shades of green, yellow, black, orange as well as brownish-red.

The Healing Benefits Of Red Jasper Crystal


The healing starts from precautions as well as protection in our lives. The stone is exceptionally among the best protection stone that keeps you safe from any kind of threat in your way.

These threats can be electromagnetic waves from cell towers, radios, phones, etc. In addition to this, the stone also pushes in as a stone that keeps your blood circulation system strong and detoxes your body thoroughly.

Lastly, the stone enhances your sexual interest as well as compatibility with your partner and a healthy attitude towards sex.


Emotionally the stone shares a serious impact on your focus. If you are someone who fails to keep a focus on your work, Red Jasper crystal can be very helpful.

The stone catches your wondering mind derives the passionate side of it and focuses it on getting your work done in an effective way. The stone also burns back the old fire where you feel filled up with the creative drive towards a project.

Moreover, the stone also helps you feel secure about your emotions. The questions of “is this feeling right?” are answered and made sure that you stay confident and comfortable in your skin.


On the spiritual front the Red Jasper crystal in your self-guided light. It is a stone that removes the hurdles in your journey of spirituality and helps you find your own peace.

Moreover, if you are on a journey to awaken your mindfulness, your core chakras, red jasper can be your support guide. Surely the challenges of negativity will come your way, but focus and drive from Red Jasper crystal will help you attain your consciousness much more effectively.

How to use Red Jasper

In order to work exceptionally well, you shall cleanse your healing crystal regularly. So, when you first receive your Red Jasper crystal from Tocrystal follow these simple crystal cleansing steps.

Take your stone, and place it under the direct moonlight on the day of the full moon. Allow the stone to soak in all kinds of energy from the moon and get recharged with the newfound energy.

In addition, you can even place the Red jasper on the regular stone so that the stone absorbs the negative energy and the Red Jasper crystal is all set to awaken your hidden sense of awakening.

In order to make sure your body and mind are all set to accept the new energy from the stone, it is highly recommended to have to practice self-healing.

This could be practicing yoga, meditation, breathwork, or even simply sitting in silence with your crystal.

Red Jasper Affirmations

I am courageous and I can face anything in my life.

I am grateful for my life and I am lucky to have evertything this universe has given me.

I am wiser and I promise to bring wisdom into my action. The energies of Red Jasper with me.