SELENITE: Clarity, Cleansing, Light

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Clarity is what keeps you light and fresh. If you feel frustrated or have a fuss around your energies that’s pushing you down, then you definitely need some cleansing with Selenite.

When it comes to cleansing your aura, clearing emotions, and creating a free space to breathe, think, and act, this healing crystal is the best companion to pick.

Best described as ‘the stone for purification, it helps bring clarity and lightness into your existence.

What Meaning Does Selenite Hold?

Selenite is for the crystal lover, collector, or someone on the journey to healing through crystals. Without it, your treasure can’t be completed.

You must be aware that when you use crystals to cleanse your aura, dispel negativity, and heal your soul, it becomes necessary that you cleanse the energies of that healing crystal thereafter.

It is one of those healing stones that doesn’t require cleansing. In fact, it’s the crystal that can cleanse other crystals instead.

It is a great healer of your mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. Additionally, this healing stone amplifies and enhances the power of other healing stones.

When meditating with other stones, keep them next to this healing crystal to boost the former’s power. To cleanse your other precious healing stones, simply use the crystal charging plate/ slab and place other stones over it overnight.

By the morning, all your healing stones must be cleansed, recharged, and amplified.

If you’ve performed any intense healing rituals that involve breathwork, reiki, crying, and openness to psychic power, it’s advised to incorporate burning sage for deep cleansing.

Use any form of this healing stone and wrap it with the smoke of burning sage or holy Palo Santo. Bring your other crystals near it and cleanse them with the smoke and the touch of this healing stone one by one.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Selenite?

Selenite Crystal Wholesale

The selenite healing crystal is much spoken about for its cleansing properties. This healing crystal is like liquid light that washes off any darkness and fills the environment with soft, soothing light.

Cleanse your internal and external environment with this healing stone. Its calming energies are ideal for meditation and spiritual work. The stone also helps promote team spirit among groups. This is ideal to understand the way of living.

It helps relieve stress, anxiety, and negativity along with opening your intuition for spiritual awakening.

How To Use Selenite For Healing?

Place the healing stone on your Chakras to open and cleanse them to release negativity and feel recharged.

Use it even if you’re using any other healing stones during your healing rituals to multiply their energies.

While meditating, burn the holy sage, place the crystal on a clean, crisp white cloth in front of you. This will help you clear your external surroundings as well as your internal habitat.

Selenite affirmations

I feel so cleansed, I feel high-spirited. Every cell of my body is wiped clean.

I am healing with every breath I take.

I feel refreshed and stress free in all aspects.