PEACH MOONSTONE: Divine, Emotional Support, Healthy Relationships

Peach moonstone


Peach Moonstone is known for bringing the best out of the people. It supports emotional health by providing emotional stability to people, especially children that are intuitive and sensitive.

What Are The Peach Moonstone Healing Properties?

This healing stone is great at healing physical as well as emotional difficulties. This healing crystal helps cope up with anxiety and worry and soothes the mind.

Feel more loving and divine energies of this healing crystal as you use it in your daily course.

This crystal enlightens the visions and dreams and encourages a sense of safety. People that feel vulnerable and insecure in a relationship also use this love crystal to sort through the emotions.

How Do You Use Peach Moonstone?

Peach Moonstone can be used daily during yoga, meditation, or reiki sessions. Sit in a relaxed position in a peaceful place.

Hold the Peach Moonstone palm stones in your hands and start to breathe deeply. Feel the positive vibrations of this healing crystal with each breath.

You may also place the crystal towers on a clean cloth before you as you perform yoga. Or, use it during the reiki.

You can use its tumbled stones to place on your chakras for complete healing.

Peach Moonstone Affirmations

I feel safe and secure mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I am loved by all and I love all.

I am enlightened and my soul has passed through the doors of meaningful visions and dreams.