SMOKY QUARTZ: Grounding, Positivity

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Chakra – Root and Sacral Chakra

Zodiac – Capricorn and Scorpio

Introduction to the Smoky Quartz Healing Crystal Properties

“ Your Self-Doubt Will Be Your Only Struggle In Your Life.”

If you are struggling with not being able to keep up with this and feel insecure about your future, then Smoky Quartz stone is the crystal that can help you

Nothing but only you are the ones who are capable of ensuring that your peace of mind is not affected by other factors in your life.

Smoky Quartz is part of the Quartz family, also known as the master healers of the crystal world. More specifically the stone is excessively related to your self-confidence, and remove any self-doubt from your life.

It is a stone that works with your Root and Sacral Chakra. The chakras are responsible for stability and security in your life.

But that’s not it when it comes to the healing benefits of the Smoky Quartz. Let us have a better look at all are the additional benefits of this healing stone on various other levels of us humans.

The Healing Benefits Of Smoky Quartz Stone

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Next on the emotional level, then you will find that the Smoky quartz is a stone that is heavily focused on ensuring peace and positivity in your life.

Smoky quartz Stone gives you a powerful thought process that helps you recognize a pattern of emotions you may be trapped in.

The switch in mood and the feeling of sluggishness is removed by the stone and space is filled in with the positivity in your life.


The powers of the Smoky Quartz Crystal are unquestionable when it comes to spirituality. The stone is actively in contact with your Root Chakra and your Sacral Chakra.

The stabilization of the following chakra is very crucial in our life as these bring stability and positivity in our life.

Moreover, these stones are also responsible for the focus, creativity, and frictionless flow of energy in our bodies.

How To Use Smoky Quartz Stone?

Just like every other healing stone, you will need to cleanse your Smoky quartz stone at a regular interval.

First, take your Smoky Quartz Stone and place it under a bowl of soapy water. Now take the stone and place it under running water to remove the soap. Pat dry the smoky quartz with a soft stone and leave it under the sunlight for a day or so.

Once done your Smoky quartz is free from any blockage and is completely re-energized to help you out.

Best Affirmation To Use With Smoky Quartz

The true energy of the Smoky Quartz stone can only be experienced once your body is ready to accept the new energies in your life.

In order to do so, it is highly recommended to move ahead with healing practices like yoga, reiki, mediation or even seating in silence for some time to observe your thoughts.

Lastly, if you are just starting out you, can even begin with the following affirmations.

“I Feel Stability And I Feel Peace In My Life.

The Only Thing I Can Control Is Me.

I Love Myself and I Love When Grow More.”