Turquoise Crystals Wholesale Online

Chakra – Throat Chakra

Zodiac – Pisces, Sagittarius & Scorpio

Healing Properties – Purification, Positivity & Balance

Introduction to the Turquoise Stone Healing Properties

“Your Clarity Of Thoughts Is Your Ability To Balance Your Life.”

With the healing abilities of the water, Turquoise is a stone that shares its life energy with us. It is a stone perfect for people who are feeling trapped are feeling fear of missing out on opportunities in their life.

This Blue calming stone is the perfect companion even for artists of all kinds who would like to explore the deep thoughts and consciousness of their being.

The stone is also astoundingly a great companion of your spiritual journey. Not only does it motivate you to explore but also protects you from the vicious creatures of the world.

If you are welcoming Turquoise stone in your life, here are the benefits that you will be experiencing with your different human forms.

The Healing Benefits Of Turquoise Stone


The soothing and feminine energy of the Turquoise is a great stone that can help you with a sore throat, allergies, stress issues like migraine as well as respiratory issues.

Turquoise also improve your breathing proving better oxygen to your lungs, reducing your anger, and reducing panic and anxiety attacks.

Moreover, if you feel out of energy, confused or heavy-headed most of your days, Turquoise stone can eliminate these problems from your life and fill you up with the life energy and the clarity of your thoughts.


At our emotional level, the stone is extremely helpful in getting back to a calmer self, controlling the highs and lows of your emotional ocean.

Also if you experience raging anger, just before breaking down in tears, welcoming Turquoise in your life would be a great suggestion to you.

It is a stone that keeps your head cool, your manager calm, and your actions in check. At the same time, it shares the motherly warmth, support, and motivation to keep you going.


Now when it comes to spiritual well-being, you can trust Turquoise as your guiding stone. 

While it provides a healthy flow of energy throughout your body, mind, and soul, it also sends you on a search to explore more of yourself.

It shares the ability to seek the truth, have a deeper state of mediation and experience your true self.

If you are holding people who are toxic to you or are holding you back in exploring your true strengths and highs, the stone elite you and help you reach your higher self.

How To Use Turquoise Stone

In order to ensure the maximum efficiency of a healing crystal, it is highly recommended to cleanse your crystal periodically. So when you first receive your Turquoise stone from Tocrystal ensure that you follow a simple crystal cleansing process mentioned below.

Take your stone and place it in warm soapy water. Now use a toothbrush and clean it softly. Once done take the stone out and dry your stone well with no water left on it.

Lastly, place the stone under the moonlight to re-energize it and you are all set to wear your Turquoise stone as a bracelet, carry it as a luck charm or palace it in your home or office near you.

Best Affirmation To Use With Turquoise Stone

To make your body and your mind all set to accept the new energies and the benefits of the Turquoise stone, you need to start your self-healing practices.

You can even start yoga, breathwork, mediation, or even simply sitting and observing your thoughts with no one to disturb you.

If you are just starting out you can even begin with the following affirmation

“I Feel Calm And Powerful In My Head And My Heart.

I Enjoy My Self And Enjoy My Thoughts.

I Am Growing And I Am Exploring Myself.”