SODALITE: Self-Esteem, Self-Balance, Trust

Sodalite Crystal Wholesale


Hi, anything holding you back from being your true self? Or are you finding it hard to explain yourself to others?

Communication gaps can create huge misunderstandings and put you or the others under the wrong light.

Be confident with your opinions and take charge of your voice with the companionship of Sodalite Crystal.

What Meaning Does Sodalite Crystal Hold?

Sodalite sparks your heart and mind together, allowing you to speak from your heart and be the real you. Usually, if your heart and mind aren’t synched well, you might get stranded in your own thoughts, confused, and not sure what to say.

Hence, it’s highly important that you have both former and the latter aligned for you to give out your opinions confidently.

It inspires you to be yourself and strengthens your Throat chakra for clearer communication. The energy of this healing crystal prevents you from unwanted feelings and confusing thoughts and promotes truthfulness.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Sodalite Crystal?

Sodalite crystal is the healer of physical, emotional, as well as spiritual bodies.

Physical Healing

Balances metabolism

Boosts immune system

Helps with calcium deficiencies

Emotional Healing

Creates emotional balance

Prevents panic attacks

Enhances self-esteem

Promotes self-love

Encourages self-acceptance

Spiritual Healing

Opens intuition

Brings clarity

Promotes truth

Improves perception

Sodalite and Chakras

Sodalite is associated with the Throat Chakra that promotes clear communication and truthfulness.

Sodalite affirmations

I am me and I love myself.

I care for my mind, body, and soul.

I am thankful for every breath I take now. It’s healing me, it’s making me better.