Tiger Eye Stone: Courage, Strength, Luck

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Tiger Eye stone is the stone for dispelling fears. This healing stone encourages you to live fearlessly and powerfully.

A life lived in fear is a life wasted. With the combination of Earth’s and Sun’s elements, I feel fierce, powerful, and courageous at all times.

What Meaning Does Tiger Eye Hold?

Tiger stone stands for bravery. Use this healing crystal stone to boost strength and overcome deep-seated fears.

Life is full of risks and the only one who takes it gets to be at a better place than those who don’t. You need to be brave enough to take chances, face challenges, and overpower your fears. only then you can change your life.

The pattern and color of this healing crystal match the animal Tiger and possess almost similar qualities.

Strengthen your connection with the divine and behold the power of the tiger to wrestle the hustle.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Tiger Eye?

Tiger Eye Stone is a powerful healing crystal stone that is known to heal many complex issues related to one’s life.

It releases fear and anxiety

Instills courage and strength

Protects from negative energies

Promotes mental clarity

Deepens one’s meditative state

Grounding personal energy

Attracts good luck

Unclouds emotions

Brings harmony and balance

How To Use Tiger Eye Stone For Healing?

Tiger Eye stone is useful in enhancing and attracting many things. Just like many other healing crystals, it’s highly beneficial to mediate with Tiger.

Hold the this healing stone in both palms and feel the courage and awakening inside you.

Wear a bracelet or a pendant or any other Tiger Eye jewelry to keep it close to your body for all-day healing.

You may also carry the healing crystal tumbled stones wherever you go in your pocket, keep them in your living spaces, or in the office space.

Tiger Eye Stone affirmations

For courage and strength, repeat the affirmations

I am courageous

Fear can’t hold me back

I am fierce and powerful to face anything.

For luck and abundance

I am wealthy and successful.

I am dedicated to make my life better

The Universe is my companion and it’s ready to give me all I ask for