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7 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals To Boost Your Creativity

7 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals To Boost Your Creativity

In the world of chakras and energy, the source of our creativity is our Sacral Chakra. It is the one that is responsible for confidence, problem-solving, sexuality, and creativity in our life.

If one is feeling like they are stuck, and it is getting harder for them to overcome their creative block, it’s the right time to introduce Sacral charka crystals for creativity.

Here, you’ll be learning about the 7 best crystals for sacral chakra that can boost your creativity, as well as fill you up with the energy to need to get started.

So, without taking any more time, let’s explore which stone is the best fit for you.

7 Best Sacral Chakra Crystal For Creativity


Carnelian - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Carnelian is among the most remarkable healing crystals, especially when it comes to creativity. It is a stone, that was once highly associated with fertility, creativity, and leadership in regions of Egypt.

If you are having a hard time self-believing, getting back the problem-solving attitude, and the streak of coming up with new ideas, this stone shall be your best companion.

It will help you bring balance in your thoughts, the ability to manage your emotions, and energize your Sacral chakra to create a free flow of energy within you.`


Calcite - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Calcite is a bright Sacral chakra crystal for creativity known to illuminate our source of art through the presence of its light. The stone is also known to fill us with energy, positive energy to help us get moving.

If one is unable to truly express themselves, it is the perfect stone to gift them. The stone will boost up their opinions, give them space to express themselves, and be comfortable in varying situations.

With the energy of Calcite, one would surely be able to overcome the block of creativity that can get to what excites them.


Citrine - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Citrine is a crystal for creativity and positivity that is focused on the healing process. If someone has gone through a life event, that has affected how their thought process, Citrine can be a great help.

Lay back, and place the stone directly above the Sacral Chakra. Focusing your energy on the stone will surely help unblock the flow of energy.

The stone is popularly also referred to as “merchant stone”, because of its ability to attract wealth in our lives. So, even if you are feeling trapped from a financial perspective, Citrine would be a great healing crystal.


Sunstone - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Sunstone is a healing crystal, popular for the leadership quality it illuminates. It is a crystal for people feeling underwhelmed and disconnected from their true selves.

Sunstone being among the best Sacral chakra crystal for creativity, help in re-igniting the fire of getting up, and getting the work done.

It is a stone that you shall also keep in your workspace, as it helps in coming up with new ideas just like a new dawn, every day.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

The Tiger eye stone was traditionally worn by the leaders of the tribe. It was known that the stone has the ability to attract wealth, stay protected, and build an innovative and leadership mindset.

Today, the Tiger eye crystal is among the most popular healing crystals in the world.

It is a stone that promotes leadership quality, the ability to take a stand and share your ideas. If one is pulling themselves down, not exploring their creative side effectively, the Tiger eye would be the best crystal for creativity and Sacral chakra specifically.


Moonstone - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Moonstone is another popular and powerful Sacral chakra, known for unblocking our creativity.

It is a healing crystal that is known to share its feminine energy. One that is known for the creation and nurturing.

Someone feeling lost and lack creativity must introduce the moonstone into their lives. It works in sync with our Sacral Chakra and boosts our creativity.

It also ensures that your emotional health doesn’t compromise from burn out and whatever you do, you do it for the long run.


Amethyst - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Amethyst is one of the most in-demand healing crystals in the world. This highly powerful and prosperous healing crystal is known for its many benefits.

Some of these are protection, leadership, mindfulness, and self-belief.

We learned how Moonstone balances masculine energy with its feminine energy. Similarly, if one is unable to focus, and get the work done, Amethyst balances its feminine energy with its masculine energy to stay focused and driven towards your goal.

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Getting the best Sacral chakra crystal for creativity can be highly rewarding. Not just if you are unable to connect with your creative side, but also if you are looking to break the glass ceiling.

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