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8 Best Crystals For Money: Manifest Wealth & Prosperity

Best crystal for money and wealth

Often our relationship with money can be a little complicated. It depends on where we come from, how we see wealth creation and at what stage of life we are living. But whatever your case may be, we all can agree that we need money in order to peacefully interact with this world.

But how can crystals for money help you attract wealth and prosperity?

Short answer: By harmonizing your energy and building a strong bond with wealth in your life.

We often create block energy around attracting money in our life. As a result, we always find it hard to attract wealth in our life. These 8 crystals for money help in improving our bond towards wealth and help in achieving our financial goals.

Let us learn more about these top 8 crystals for money and see how can they help us.

8 Best Crystals For Money to Attract Wealth & Prosperity


Crystals For Money

Pyrite is one of the most popular crystals for money and wealth. It is a crystal widely popular as a “Fools Gold” due to its appearance, but its energy is unlike any other crystal. It helps us accept the abundance of the universe and strengths our energy to attract wealth and prosperity in our life. Some people often carry this crystal in their purse and also keep it near the cash register in order to manifest money.

Tiger Eye

Crystals For Money

The Tiger Eye is a stone that is believed to be used by the leaders of the tribe. It is a stone that improves our decision-making and achieves our set goals. As a leader’s stone, Tiger Eye helps you attract wealth from different channels and opens up new ways in your life to grow. You can wear a Tiger eye pendant or bracelet in order to stay in touch with this powerful energy manifest money in your life.


Crystals For Money

Amethyst is surely one of the best crystals for money. It is a third eye chakra crystal that strengthens our power of manifestation, perceives our future, and makes better decisions in our life. In the presence of Amethyst crystal, you’ll find yourself comfortable in coming up with new and creative methods to grow wealth and achieve a better state of life. You can place Amethyst crystal at your workplace, especially on your work desk to always be surrounded by its energy.


Crystals For Money

Citrine is a source of positive energy. A crystal that fills our hearts with joy and minds with creativity. It helps us open up to new possibilities in our lives and attract money that feels seamless. Does this mean you won’t have to make an effort? No that’s not what this crystal does. It helps you enjoy the work you do and help you get a positive outlook of your life. When you enjoy your work, you grow rapidly and so does your wealth. Wearing a crystal bracelet assure that.

Clear Quartz

Crystals For Money

Clear Quartz is among the best crystals for money due to its ability to heal us. Rather than creating a wall around the ‘money’, this crystal works on improving your relationship with it. If you are falling to attract wealth and prosperity, Clear Quartz energize your thoughts and gives them in the right direction.

Green Jade

Crystals For Money

Green Jade is a crystal for prosperity and abundance in our life. It eliminates the fear of failure and makes us fill with the energy to attract wealth in our life. You can use Green Jade tumbled stone in your office as decor and the stone will soothe you and create wealth without fearing or stressing over it too much.


Crystals For Money

Peridot is among the crystals for money that is known to eliminate the emotional blockage in our life. It is a crystal that puts our belief into ourselves and fills us with the confidence to attract wealth. You can use Peridot crystal during your meditation to manifest money and prosperity in your life.


Crystals For Money

Amazonite is a crystal for money that balances our success with wealth. It is a crystal that works with our heart chakra and throat chakra to bring harmony within us and attract wealth as we desire. It clears our path and removes holding backs when it comes to being open towards abundance.

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Often the relationship with money is a little complicated. People want it in their life, but despair the people who have it. When you are using crystals for money, you overcome this first step and open yourself to a new opportunity and outcome in your life.

You start to attract wealth in your life, create a positive outlook in your life, and start working in harmony with the universe. And that’s how you start your journey to attaining financial freedom.

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