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6 Best Crystals For Pregnancy And Labor

6 Best crystals for pregnancy and labor

During pregnancy, new parents go through a lot of things. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and sometimes financially.

Bringing a child into this world is a huge step, and you need all the help that you can get during the process. This is also the best time to introduce crystals for pregnancy in your growing family.

These are the crystals for pregnancy that are used to keep you and your baby safe, surround your family with all the positivity you need, motivate you, and bring comfort during all the hard times.

New changes are happening, and with these healing positive crystals, you can make sure that this turns out to be one of the best experiences you can have as a growing family.

How does crystal work during pregnancy?

Crystals are the source of energy that removes any blockage in the flow of our natural energy. Our natural energy depends a lot on our surroundings, what we eat and the people we spend time with. Crystals for pregnancy are natural tools that you can use to bring positivity and healthy energy within yourself.

During pregnancy, the energies are heightened. Senses become more active and things start to affect us more than they usually do. If it’s negativity, the effect can be two folds. And if it’s positivity, the effect is again two folds.

Parents can use this time to get the best crystals for pregnancy and labor, to turn the whole experience into a huge ball of positivity in their life and prepare for the future in the best way possible.

You can either wear natural crystals in the form of jewellery like a bracelet or pendant or can simply place them in your room in the form of carvings, spheres, tumbled stone, pyramids, etc.

6 Best crystals for pregnancy and labor


When we are talking about the best crystals for pregnancy, the Amethyst crystal needs to be at the top of the list. It is one of the most powerful healing crystals that is known for protection and positivity in our lives. This purple stone that is found in various shades, is one of the most influential crystals for pregnancy.

It cuts downs on the anxiety and stress that new parents tend to fall into and gives them steadiness in their lives. While calming the parent’s stones also helps them better prepare for the future and cherish every single moment of their life while they are in this together.

When it comes to spirituality, the Amethyst stone works with your crown chakra and enhances your ability to experience the flow of energy within you. At the same time, it helps you bring peace and serenity to your life during and beyond pregnancy.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is among the few crystals for pregnancy that can promote self-love during childbirth. It is a crystal that ensures that the bond between the mother, father, and the baby stays protected and keeps growing.

Also, during pregnancy, a mother goes through some rough changes physical and emotional. ‌Rose quartz is a stone that is filled with the feminine energy that supports her and ensures their health stays in check.

Rose quartz also showers the baby and the parents with a sense of fulfil-ness and self-love.


Citrine crystal is a yellow-gold stone known for prosperity, energy, and life. It is among the crystals for pregnancy that brings the shine to life and helps in better preparing for the future.

Pregnancy is also a time when people go through a lot of self-doubt and questions.  Citrine being the crystal of positivity, ensures that you stay confident during the time. 

It shares its energy with the parents and the baby, calming them and ensuring them a better and more successful future.


Feeling like you are running out of energy? It is probably the right time to get yourself the powerhouse within the crystals that is the carnelian stone. A crystal stone that is known to bring balance and coordination to our lives.

The reason why it is among the best crystals for pregnancy is because of the positive energy. When you are about to bring a child into your life, there are a lot of instances where you can feel completely exhausted. Be it mentally, emotionally, or physically.

While this is a long process, it shouldn’t simply be tough all the time. Carnelian is a stone that turns everything into an experience and gives you the ability to go through everything as consciously and peacefully as possible.


Fluorite crystal is another powerful healing crystal for pregnancy and labor that provides calmness in our lives. Often new parents tend to fall into the trap of overthinking.

It could be their health, relationship, upcoming future, and anything. Fluorite stone ensures that the clouds of negativity and overthinking stay away from you and your family and showers you with positivity.

In addition to that, the Fluorite healing crystal also enhances the self-confidence of the mother and fills them with motivation for the upcoming future.


Moonstone is always a stone that is associated with feminine energy. The energies of calmness, balance, and nourishment are the few that help a new mother to go through tough pregnancies with ease.

It is also a crystal that is recommended to every couple who is suffering infertility to have a healthy baby and safe pregnancy. The stone is a great support in healing reproductive issues and helps in balancing the constant mood swings.

Moreover, the crystal also helps during the recovery and that makes it among the best crystals for pregnancy.

Bonus Read

If you start looking, there are many crystals for pregnancy that you would want. And all you have to do is listen to yourself. It is often said that when you are in the presence of healing crystals, you’ll know exactly what you want and which one do you wish to bring home.

Above we have shared the 6 best crystals for pregnancy that according to many texts are best for the parents and the child.

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