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8 Healing Crystals in UK for Health and Comfort in Chilly Winters

healing crystals in uk

As the winter month is settling in, the UK can get quite chilly. The shorter days and colder temperatures can affect our physical and emotional well-being. But did you know there are natural ways to combat the winter blues and boost your health and comfort? 

For centuries, healing Crystals in UK have been known for their therapeutic properties, and they can be a great addition to your winter wellness routine. One example was Middle Ages lapidary medicine, an orthodox healing practice and scientific in a way that blends human wisdom with natural healing agents.

Healing Crystals in UK has gained widespread popularity globally, including celebrities like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Shay Mitchell, and Adele. 

Healing Crystals can come in different forms, from crystal bathing to medication. To understand more about its characteristics in the cold climate of the UK, explore how it reacts to specific conditions.

Are Healing Crystals in UK Effective?

According to the definition, crystal healing is an old practice of using crystals to treat the body and energy systems by holding them for a few minutes or wearing them close to your skin. Crystal healers in the UK believe crystals can remove negativity, promote positive energy flow, and help physical well-being. 

The shorter days and lack of sunlight in UK winters can leave you feeling drained and down. Well, certain crystals are believed to have properties of healing, nurturing, and keeping you warm. It can also be challenging because everyone’s persona is different and can resonate differently with the same crystals.

How to Use Healing Crystals in UK?

One affirmative way to use crystals is by placing them on or around your body. These crystals work as channels to remove negative energy and bring positive, healing energies. Some healers align crystals with the seven main chakra points, while others create an energy grid around the body to cure the disease.

Another way to use crystals is by including them in your meditation and setting an intention for the crystal. Hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and visualize a white light passing through the crystals.

This reflection will help you connect with your body and mind. It will help rid you of unwanted diseases, a physical or emotional ailment, or even guidance.

How to Select Your Healing Crystals in UK?

There’s a wide variety of crystals to select from with their unique characteristics and benefits, and each person resonates differently with them. 

Crystals fall into three categories: Cut stones (perfectly polished), Tumblestones (smaller and more economical), and raw stones (not smoothed and most affordable). Some crystals are more rare than others or more difficult to extract.

Lastly, the crucial factor in selecting the crystal is to consider what aspect of your life needs improvement and identify what you feel is missing. Here is a list of crystals for different symptoms of health and comfort in the chilly winter climate. 

8 Best Healing Crystals in UK for Winters

Aventurine healing crystal in UK


Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal said to be protective, healing, and purifying. The cold, dark, and dreary nature of UK winters contrasts with the bright characteristics of Amethyst. 

It will help anyone struggling with sobriety, emotional imbalances, insomnia, stomach aches, hormone production, pain, or stress.

Clear Quartz healing crystal in UK

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as a “master healer,” which attracts life energy to your body to speed recovery from a cold or fever. It proves particularly beneficial when a cold is causing lethargy. 

This crystal enhances the immune system and purifies the body, magnifying the natural healing abilities of its bearer.

Aventurine healing crystal in UK


It is a wave of emotional serenity, especially in the winter season. It helps reduce your heartbeat levels and ensures the harmony of your circulatory systems. 

This crystal nurtures your entire system, especially the heart and blood regularity, to ensure enduring strength, capability, and good health.

Jasper healing crystal in UK


Jasper, a smooth reddish crystal referred to as the “Supreme Nurturer,” proves beneficial during stressful times or when protection from negative energies is needed. 

This stone helps purify the circulatory system, blood, and liver. It can help in reactivating lazy behavior in winter and aural cleansing. 

obsidian healing crystal in UK


Obsidian is a black lava crystal capable of handling emotional, physical, and spiritual obstacles. It supports the exploration of your true self, directing you toward a more fulfilling and purposeful life. 

On a physical level, it helps with digestion, detoxification, and relief from pain and cramping.

Bloodstone healing crystal in UK


Bloodstone is a beautiful healing crystal to rid the body of negative energy, boosts circulation, and improves self-esteem. It also brings strength and ensures continuous blood flow, preventing deep wounds. 

This protective crystal positively affects blood pressure and immunity to colds and helps recover from winter cold symptoms faster.

hematite healing crystal in UK


Hematite is a strong crystal for grounding and balancing. It is helpful to anyone experiencing stress or anxiety, keeping a calm and centered mind. Hematite uses the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body.

It provides support to the kidneys, aids in tissue regeneration, and stimulates iron absorption and red blood cell formation. Additionally, Hematite helps alleviate leg cramps while contributing to spinal alignment and the healing of fractures.

Garnet healing crystal in UK


The rich, dark red hue of garnet perfectly complements the winter season. It is a stone of love, trust, and devotion and is said to help maintain a connection to the earth.

Garnet can reset your system, boost self-confidence, and help your body handle potential health issues. This stone also keeps both your heart and lungs healthy. 


Crystal healing is a self-care practice that can bring you peace, rid you of negative thoughts, and focus on your health guts. Even though there is no such “one crystal cures all” universal remedy, healing crystals in UK offer a vast selection to choose from the collection. It helps you to find the right crystal for your health and comfort journey in the chilly winter.

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Which healing crystals in UK are best for winter?

Citrine, with its vibrant yellow color, is essential for sunny days and combat winter blues. Meanwhile, Amethyst, with its soothing purple aura, is for chilly winter nights and restful sleep.

How can you use crystals for better health in the UK winter?

Carry a tumbled amethyst to combat health issues, place a citrine near your window to harness the sun’s waning energy, and tuck rose quartz under your pillow for restful sleep.
Remember, crystals amplify your intentions, so pair them with mindful practices like meditation or gratitude journaling for a powerful winter wellness blend.

Where can you find healing crystals in UK?

Finding authentic crystals is very crucial. You’ll be able to find healing crystals in UK from reputed wholesalers like Tocrystals, which ethically source crystals from all across the globe.

How do you cleanse your crystals?

You can cleanse your crystals by keeping them overnight in dry rock salt. You can also clean them by keeping them under running water. Some crystals like selenite and geodes can also used.

Which crystal has the best healing properties?

Determining the best healing crystal is subjective and depends on your specific needs.  
Popular choices include clear quartz for amplifying energy and cleansing negativity, amethyst for calming anxiety and trusting intuition, and rose quartz for cherishing love and compassion.