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5 Tips for Safely Buying Wholesale Crystals Online

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Can we purchase wholesale crystals online? The answer is Yes. As a customer, you can buy good quality bulk crystals online very easily. 

In this article, we are sharing Tips for safely buying wholesale Crystal Online.

We have also shared where to buy wholesale crystals for retailers. Something that every crystal shop owner must read when they want to buy wholesale crystal online safely.

Without taking any more time, let’s get started with the best guide for crystal retailers.

Tips For Safely Buying Wholesale Crystal Online

Trust Authorized Payment Gateways Only

Trust Authorized Payment Gateways Only

When you are buying wholesale crystals, you want to be sure that your payment is secure. More importantly, it is important that the business is verified by some authority.

Mastercard and PayPal are such businesses that do that for you. While PayPal is a widespread payment gateway—it requires an online verification. Mastercard gateway on the other hand verifies carefully by inspecting the registration documents followed by doorstep verification done by the supplier bank.

Only when these payment institutions are satisfied by the legitimacy of the business, they allow them to use their payment gateway.

When you are buying crystals online, always prefer wholesalers with the payment gateway associated with banks, Mastercard, or Paypal. This usually indicates the legitimacy of the business and business owners.

In case of fraud, you can always connect with payment gateway operators like PayPal and Mastercard (MPGS) to charge back your payment. This gives you an extra layer of protection when buying wholesale crystals online.

Also avoid making purchases from websites that ask for direct bank transfer and do not share your confidential information like bank account numbers, card details, etc.

Connect With Wholesaler Live

Connect With Crystal Wholesaler Live

You don’t have to meet in person for this one. Thanks to tools like live chat, you can connect with the online wholesaler directly on the website.

There are two kinds of live chat. One where a chatbot responds and another where a person does. Both are good but look for an option to connect with a real person.

Pro tip: if you are connecting with a wholesaler on live chat, you can always try to ask for ongoing or upcoming offers.

This will help you get better deals, as well as let you know more about the business.

When you connect on live chat, you can ask any question and the crystal wholesaler must reconnect with you with a descriptive and convincing answer.

Look For SSL Security

Look For SSL Security when buying bulk crystal online

Google has already started penalizing sites and online stores that don’t have SSL certificates. It protects a website and its users from hackers by encrypting the information that is being shared.

The SSL certificate of the website can be verified by the lock symbol in the URL section.

If you are sharing any personal details like a password or credit card number, it is essential that you specifically check for SSL certificates.

Learn About Wholesaler

Buy Wholesale crystals online

Forums are a great way to learn about any business nowadays. Some of the most popular online forums where people share their opinions are Reddit and Quora.

When you are buying wholesale crystals online it is recommended to learn about the seller itself. Look at the experience people are sharing with the crystal wholesaler.

This way, even before you place an order—you can learn about the experience of buying wholesale crystal online.

Analyze Customer Reviews

Analyze Customer reviews

Rating and Reviews are a great way too, but to make sure a business is sharing genuine reviews, always read what customers are sharing.

If you find the business is sharing only positive experiences—it might be possible the reviews are fake.

Shipping might be late, packaging might be damaged, and many other factors are involved in selling wholesale crystals. The goal is to find a genuine bulk crystal wholesaler.

Look for positives and negatives of the business and make decisions accordingly.


There are various benefits when you are buying crystal wholesale online. But in order to take that advantage—you must be able to buy wholesale crystals safely online.

This means having a safe trusted crystal wholesaler and secure payment gateway. With the tips shared above, you’ll find the best crystal wholesale in the UK, the USA, Singapore, and around the globe.

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