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How To Buy Wholesale Crystals Online Without Being Cheated?

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The power, purity, and energy of wholesale crystals and gemstones are something we both agree upon. Even if you are looking to buy your first healing crystal jewelry wholesale, the belief and growth bind us to these precious stones.

But due to some unfortunate chain of events happening around the world, learning the best way to buy wholesale crystals online without being cheated is very crucial.

Today, it takes a close eye to judge if or not the healing crystals are real. Moreover, with time the replicas are being an exact copies to our naked eyes. But here is a quick guide for you to buy wholesale crystals online to bring back the calmness in your day-to-day life.

Best Way To Buy Wholesale Crystals Online Without Being Cheated

1. Learn Your Stone

Buy Wholesale Crystals and Gemstones

Let us be clear that in order to win a game, you need to learn about the game first. To get started, there are about 52 stones, and then there are the combinations.

BUT! you don’t have to learn every stone. Just look out for the healing stones that you are interested in buying. 

Note that knowing just the color of the stone could be less than half knowledge.

Learn about the color, natural textures, pattern, and origin of the stone. Usual weight and size would also give you a good idea in deciding if or not the stone that you are looking to buy is genuine.

Also, go through the product description of the stone very carefully. It will help you see if or not the seller is aware of his stone, or is just trying to make some quick cash.

2. Look Out For Learnings

Buy Wholesale Crystals and Gemstone

The process of buying wholesale crystals online starts with learning about the stone. And the best way to ease the process is by looking for an eCommerce blog.

Rather than just natural stones and crystals, what else can you get from the blogs of an eCommerce store?

Look out for the breakdown and uses of the stone, a guide or some kind of learning about the stones will also be a great representation that the seller is more than just about selling stones.

Surely the game of buying and selling will go on. But if you can build a learning relationship with the seller, it would give you a much better sense of trust.

3. Read Reviews

Buy Wholesale Crystals and Gemstone

Reviews are among the finest ways to look out for genuine eCommerce sellers to buy wholesale crystals online. But rather than just looking at the star ratings, actually going through the review and reading the section would give you much better information about the online seller.

Especially have a close eye for spammy reviews. Detailed reviews about the experience are the best and most trustworthy ones. Moreover, looking at reviews with 3 or 4-star ratings would also give a clear insight into any flaws in customer experience and the gemstone itself.

4. Check Social Presence

Buy Wholesale Gemstones and Crystal

Social media has made it possible for brands to stay connected with customers and reply to their queries and issues.

If you are looking at an eCommerce to buy wholesale crystals and gemstones online, go to their social pages. Check out their recent posts, tagged images, comment section, followers, and engagement ratio. If eCommerce is actively engaging with the audiences, the chances of them being the best healing stones seller online increases.

Quora and Reddit are other great platforms to get started on your hunt to buy wholesale crystals and gemstones online.

5. Learn About Seller

Buy Wholesale Crystals and Gemstone

The About section is way more important than you might think. It shows who the seller is, what, and how is he the best gemstone seller online. While everyone will claim to be the best, you would require to see through the words to find trust in their words.

If not, contact the seller through mail, chatbot, or even a call if possible. Being satisfied with the seller would be the first thing that you need to do before you buy wholesale crystals online.

To Wrap Up…

This was the honest breakdown of how you can sort out the best healing crystal seller to buy wholesale crystals online without being cheated. While certificates etc would also be an indicator, having a replica on the site is a piece of cake.

Focusing on the following points would give you a much better idea about eCommerce and learn better to buy wholesale crystals in the UK, USA and Worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about gemstones and healing crystals, go check out our recent blogs on Tocrystal.


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