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Pyrite Bracelet online
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Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite Bracelet

Material: Natural and authentic Pyrite

Shape: Round beaded healing bracelet

Size: Varies from length: 6 inches – 8 inches (approx.), Elastic: Stretchable, Beads: 6mm to 10 mm (approx.),

Healing: Amazing healing beads bracelet made of Pyrite is great at stimulating physical, emotional, and spiritual energies. Enhance your memory with healing Pyrite to recall things that are important

Purpose: Wear this Pyrite healing bracelet daily at home and at work for all time healing as it touches your body and vibrates all the energies.

Use it during your yoga and reiki sessions too

Pyrite Freeform
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Pyrite Freeform

Pyrite Freeform

Material: Authentic Pyrite

Size: 3 inches (approx.)

Shape: Freeform

Healing: Pyrite healing crystal stone protects and shields you against negativity affecting you at all levels. Enhance your memory and intellect using this healing crystal tower.

Purpose: Use this Pyrite healing stone during yoga, carry it to your office, or keep it in a place that requires cleansing.

buy Pyrite Palm stone wholesale online
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Pyrite Palm Stone

Pyrite Palm Stone

Element: Pyrite

Size: 70mm long x 50mm wide x 15mm thick (Approx)

Type: Palm

Healing: The Pyrite Palm is among the protection stone which shields you from negative energy, enhances your memory as well as help you attain a higher emotional level.

Purpose: Use it during your yoga practises, mediation or just carry it in your pocket to experience its energy yourself.