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$38.27 / Kg (2.2lb)

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Buy 100% natural Raw Pyrite Crystals.

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Material: Pyrite Crystal

Type: Cluster

Size: Approx 2 inch


Discover the captivating Raw Pyrite specimen, available at our leading wholesale crystal store, Tocrystal.

Measuring 2 inches in size each, this hand-selected crystal showcases its natural beauty and energetic properties. Known as “Fool’s Gold,” pyrite is believed to stimulate abundance and manifestation.

Its raw form with jagged edges adds an authentic touch, making it a perfect addition to any crystal collection. Use it for meditation, energy work, or as a decorative piece to invite positive energy into your space.

With our commitment to exceptional products and service, Tocrystal is your premier destination for wholesale crystals. Buy Raw Pyrite Crystal wholesale with Tocrystal.

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