Black Tourmaline Angel

Size - 2 Inches (Approx)

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Embrace the protective energy of Black Tourmaline Angels! Standing at a graceful 2 inches, these angels crafted from the deep, grounding energy of Black Tourmaline are a powerful addition to your crystal collection. Elevate your spiritual journey with these wholesale Black Tourmaline Angels, shipped worldwide to ward off negativity.


Element: Black Tourmaline

Size: 2 inches (Approx)

Type: Angel

Healing: The Black Tourmaline Angel serves as a guardian, offering protection and grounding energies. Immerse yourself in the rich, black tones, known for their ability to absorb and transmute negative energy. Black Tourmaline is also believed to enhance personal power and promote a sense of security.

Enrich your crystal inventory with the protective energy of our Black Tourmaline Angels, perfect for those seeking grounding and energetic shielding. Elevate your store’s offerings with these powerful beings, and with our worldwide shipping, ensure that the protective energy of Black Tourmaline reaches crystal enthusiasts across borders.

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