Yellow Calcite Angel

Size - 2 Inches (Approx)

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Discover the radiant energy of Yellow Calcite Angels! Elevate your spiritual journey with our wholesale Yellow Calcite Angels, each measuring a delightful 2 inches. Embrace positivity and vitality with these heavenly crystals, available at unbeatable prices. We ship globally to enhance your collection with the essence of sunshine and warmth.


Element: Yellow Calcite

Size: 2 inches (Approx)

Type: Angel

Healing: The Yellow Calcite Angel radiates a soothing energy that promotes optimism, personal power, and joy. Breathe in the uplifting vibes as it dissolves energy blockages, encouraging a free flow of positive energy throughout your being. This divine crystal is believed to enhance self-confidence and motivation, making it an ideal companion on your spiritual journey.

Explore the golden glow of our Yellow Calcite Angels, perfect for infusing your space with warmth and light. Add these heavenly beings to your crystal inventory and invite a sense of sunshine into the lives of your customers. We offer global shipping to ensure that the positive energy of Yellow Calcite reaches enthusiasts worldwide.

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