APATITE: Inspiring, Motivating, & Satisfying

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When the fog of confusion for our true perception of ourselves arises, it’s the invitation to only one thing – catastrophe.

The catastrophe that disrupts all our emotions, the fog that blocks all our Chakras, and the flurry of negative emotions and hinders the flow of our powerful internal forces of bliss, joy, and positivity.

Apatite healing crystal helps to uncloud the clouded emotions and promotes eternal bliss.

The Meaning Of Apatite

This healing crystal possesses unique, chameleon-like properties, which were first recognized by Greeks. It is found in metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary, and volcanic rocks.

The meaning of Apatite is derived from the Greek word “to deceive”. The stone comes in vivid, distinctive colors that are soothing, calming, and protecting.

This healing stone contains the same element that is used in the teeth enamel which makes it the perfect physical healer for the problems related to tooth decay, broken bones, and calcium deficiencies.

Minerals have been an inseparable part of our body and lives and using a similar substance to enhance our very existence, minerals like crystals can easily help us achieve what’s already within us. And that’s what made Greeks find healing crystals as a form that embodies spirituality and divine-being.

The nature of this healing crystal brings the immediate effects of its grounding and protective energies that bring inner peace and self-contentment.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Apatite?

The Apatite Healing Crystal is a wonderful healer to your mind, body, and spirit. If you’re juggling with life’s daily hustle, empty hope, unfulfilled expectations, and being harsh on yourself, these neurotic confusions and toxic patterns can affect your relationships with yourself and your loved ones.

Having a clear head and clear vision is the key to a joyful and successful lifestyle. To keep the toxic energies away from malicious your aura, holding it, wearing this crystal jewellery, meditating, and keeping it in your living space can do a great deal of cleansing and mending of energies.

Physical Healing Properties

Better absorption of calcium

Aids in healing bones

Aids in healing teeth

Promotes the formation of new cells

Fights viruses

Improves focus

Emotional Healing Properties

Gives mental clarity

Unclouds the clouded emotions

Expands truth and knowledge

Eases sorrow

Promotes peace and harmony

Reduces apathy and anger

Stimulates thoughts and ideas

Creates a balance between your dreams, desires, and daily responsibilities to make you feel satisfied

Spiritual Healing Properties

Awakens the inner-self

Instils unconditional love

Encourages acceptance

Magnifies your intentions

Deepens spiritual awareness

Apatite and Chakras

This is the healing crystal stone that balances your Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra.

It comes in different colors like blue, green, grey, and the rarest – yellow. Blue Apatite is said to be the best for Throat Chakra. Yellow chakra is best at stimulating your Solar Plexus Chakra.

How To Use Apatite For Healing?

If you’re looking to utilize its potential to its fullest, start with a set regular ritual. Decide what time of the day can you dedicate to spending with this healing crystal. Choose a place at your home and sit with the stone.

For beginners, a simple gaze at this healing crystal while concentrating on just one single thought can help you a lot with working through that emotion.

As this healing stone works to magnify and intensify your intentions, this healing stone is just perfect to start the classification of your thoughts.

Hold the stone in both your hands signifying the balance at both ends, burn the Sage or holy Palo Santo to keep you calm while you search through the clouded emotions with you.

Wear the crystal jewellery of this stone that touches your body and lets it flow through your body throughout the day.

To improve your communication with yourself and those around you, use this healing crystal to activate your Throat Chakra.

Lie down during the time of yoga or meditation and place this healing stone on your Throat Chakra, attracting the healing energies of this stone to work for your Throat Chakra.

To enhance the psychic visions and clear the emotional bubbles and thoughts, place this stone over your Third-Eye Chakra to stimulate the energies.

You can buy Wholesale Apatite online easily in different shapes to keep in your home and meditate with it.

Apatite affirmations

Today I allow Apatite to erase the negative aura and enhance the positivity around me.

I feel my emotions detangling with every breath I take and my belief in Apatite is the reason.

I am ready to align my body, keeping Apatite as my companion and best healer by my side.