ARAGONITE: Breakthrough, Release Anger, Revisit Emotions

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Aragonite crystal is one of the three most common naturally occurring calcium carbonate minerals. For years, this healing crystal has been considered the powerhouse mineral that reaches the root cause of any situation.

If you’re struggling with any issues or emotions that you’ve been ignoring for quite a lot of time and not feeling ready to face them, then this healing crystal is one to clean the cobweb of emotions inside your heart and head.

This healing crystal throws out the beams of light and energies that fill your soul with love and a lightweight dress. Holding this powerful healing cluster makes you feel more grounded and stabilized with your emotions.

What Meaning Does Aragonite Hold?

Aragonite healing crystal makes it easy for you to release fear, anger, anxiety, and negative energy from the body.

The most important part is, it does not let you procrastinate dealing with your deep-seated emotions.

Holding this healing crystal and spending time with it brings up anger, fear, unresolved emotions, and every other negative thought inside the maze of your mind that you’d prefer to deal with at a later time.

Each tube of its cluster emits light outward, surrounding you with the rays of positivity.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Aragonite?

Aragonite is an energizer. It boosts self-worth, self-confidence, and helps you place trust in yourself.

If you’re in any kind of tense relationship with your partner, parents, or yourself, this healing crystal brings patience when you need it the most and helps you fight emotional fatigue, stress, and anger rather than sweeping it under the rug.

As you walk in the darkness, the crystal reminds you how stars shine the brightest in the dark, promising you the light on the other side of the tunnel as you break free from the chains of your emotions.

It reminds you that to see the light on the other side, you must walk the void first.

How To Use Aragonite For Healing?

Aragonite is an incredible stone, to begin with, your healing process. As the stone facilitates bringing the unresolved emotions, fears, and anger up to the surface, it’s better to find a comfortable and peaceful place where you can be alone while you meditate.

Hold this amazing star crystal in both of your hands, close your eyes, and let yourself fall back into the emotions and fears you’ve not been dealing with.

Aragonite affirmations

Don’t be afraid to fall into that void. The Aragonite will give you courage and self-trust. Until you fall, you can’t feel free. And until you deal with the darkness, you can’t enjoy the light.

Visualize all the anger and negative emotions flowing through your spirit, then mind, and body, and lastly let the healing stone throw them out in the surrounding.

Mediate long enough to pick and wipe each of the dark slates clean at the back of your head. Let yourself drown only to breathe light and fresh air later.

Let yourself feel the emotions arise within you, coming out from you and getting scattered in the environment. At this point, your surrounding may feel a little tense as the negative energies are getting released slowly.

Keep meditating and feel the cleansing until you feel the shift in the energies inside as well as outside you. This healing stone will help you get rid of all the negativity along with cleansing the energies around you.

Open your eyes and let your aura adjust with your new, clean being. Allow the light to seep through you.

After meditating, don’t forget to cleanse your crystal. Keep it at a suitable place where you spend most of your time for maximum healing.

Positive lines to say with Aragonite:

I am ready to face the issues I have hidden for a long time inside me.

I trust this stone to balance me and keep me calm as I seek closure from all the toxic memories and negative thoughts.

I have the power to erase the darkness. I have enough light to overpower the darkness.

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