BLUE LACE AGATE: Calming, Confidence & Relief

Blue Lace Agate Healing Stone

Chakra – Throat Chakra

Zodiac – Capricorn

Introduction to the Blue Agate Crystal’s Healing Properties

The Blue Lace Agate reflects just one thing – “A Peaceful Mind Will Always Help You To Observe Well And Speak Up Confidently When Necessary.”

It can sometimes be hard to express ourselves. Be it a relationship with our partner, parents, or even a client at our workplace. The situation can vary, but the ability to speak up is often questionable.

If this sounds resembling then Blue Lace Agate is at your rescue. But before we start, there is nothing wrong with speaking up. Holding back your thoughts, and putting yourself first isn’t wrong in any kind of relationship even if it’s for your own parents.

Blue Agate is a stone that is known to promote your communication skills by working with your throat chakra. This chakra helps in ensuring that there is no blockage of energy, hence enhancing your communication.

The stone also checks on to the point that while your ability to convey yourself is enhanced, you aren’t being pushy or aggressively dominant over the others. The stone helps you in talking insightfully and sensibly.

The Healing Benefits Of Blue Lace Agate

The nature of the Blue Agate Stone is to spread cheerfulness, calmness, and good communication skills. The stone helps you refelt your true self, along with cleansing your thoughts to be open about yourself.

Moreover, the stone is highly focused on boosting your confidence. Questions like “What will people think of me?”, “What if I get Rejected” and so on, is suppressed with a clear vision and thoughts to present your views.

At a much deeper level, the stone helps you to find your path of enlightenment and protect you from any negative emotions.

How To Use Blue Lace Agate?

In order to use your blue lace agate, here are a few steps to get started once you receive your healing stones from Tocrystal.

Take a soft cloth and warm soapy water in a bowl. Now clean your stone calmly and slowly to remove any negativity that might be blocking the energy of the stone. You can now take the stone and place it where the light energy of the moon and sun can fall on the stone.

After 24 hours you can use them as per your choice. You can wear it in a form of a Blue lace agate bracelet, ring, or necklace. Or you can carry it in your pocket or purse as a plan stone.

Lastly, you can even place the stone in your home or office where you spend most of your time. 

Best Affirmation To Use With Blue Lace Agate

To enhance your connection with the stone and share positive energy all along, you can take the help of additional practices like mediation. To get started you can even use the following affirmation.

“ I Love To Use My Voice, And Express Myself.

I Am Safe And Can Accept Differences.

I Love To Use My Voice, And Express Myself.”