CHRYSOCOLLA: Calmness, Communication, Starting Fresh

CHRYSOCOLLA Crystals Wholesale

Chakra – Heart Chakra

Zodiac – Gemini, Taurus, Virgo

Introduction to the Chrysocolla Crystal’s Healing Properties

“You Can Either Be Wise Enough To Follow Your Heart In The Dark Times Or Go Blind In City Light Of Negativity.”

If you have been holding back or are hesitating your plans to start new, start fresh then it might not be the fault of the situation or yours. Sometimes we get either too connected to our surroundings, our bond that it’s hard to move on.

In another case, the uncertainty of the future haunts us and builds a fear wall to trap us. If these situations sound similar to you, Chrysocolla might be the best healing stone for you that Tocrystal would suggest.

This Blue-Green stone is highly associated with a new beginning. This can be starting a new course, going on track, making a switch in your career, or bringing out that hidden true self from within you.

Chrysocolla is a stone that supports change while keeping your mind and your heart calm. If you are looking for such a stone first let us also have a look at the healing benefits of Chrysocolla.

The Healing Benefits Of Chrysocolla

The healing benefits of the Chrysocolla stone can be broken down into three forms in which they act.


While most of the healing properties of the Chrysocolla are emotional and spiritual-based, the physical healing properties of the stone are worth learning about. To get started, Chrysocolla helps in lowering your blood pressure and supports you in recovering from depression.

The stone is also helpful in managing and balancing harmonic changes due to which the stone is also helpful in curing diabetes, digestions, and getting over the infection and fevers.

Along with this the stone also helps in the female-centric problems by encouraging easier periods by reliving from intense cramps and having a healthy harmonious pregnancy.


There is a lot to discuss and a lot to explain, but let’s keep it short, sweet, and direct.

Chrysocolla is a stone that focuses on building you up from the ground. It removes any self-limitation, cuts down the negativity, and makes you self-aware of your own strengths and weaknesses.

The stone also helps in building better communication skills, helps you to see a bigger picture, and promotes understanding between constructive arguments about your thoughts.

The emotional awareness rises and the stone that was meant to heal you transforms you into your best version.


Silent benefits of the stone? Well, the stone does make an impact the way you want. It is a powerful manifesting stone that highly embraces your positive thoughts and makes your wish come true.

Call it magical, but the law of attraction is highly enhanced when your chakras are rebalanced and the blockage is removed to let the energy flow through you.

Moreover, the stone energy is so powerful that it enhances the feeling of love and compassion while keeping you safe from letting your emotions consume most of you.

How To Use Chrysocolla Stone?

The Chrysocolla stones are a simple source of energy and require you to get in touch with nature to work effectively. Hence when you first receive your Chrysocolla stone, make sure the crystal cleanses them first.

To get started with the crystal cleansing process, hold your stone and cleanse it in the running water. Gently clean it with your hand while trying to build a connection with the stone.

Now place the stone at a place where it can receive plenty of sunlight without being disturbed. The next day your Chrysocolla stone is ready to share its healing ability with you.

You can either wear it as a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace as your daily accessories or you simply carry it around in your purse or a pocket as a palm stone.

Lastly, you can even palace the Chrysocolla stone in a form of a sphere or crystal at a place where you can be around it for most of the time. This could be either your workplace, living room, or bedroom.

Do note that repeating the Chrysocolla crystal cleansing process once a month or so is highly recommended, as it removes any negative blockage and recharges the stone back with fulfilling energy.

Best Affirmation To Use With Chrysocolla

Now that you are aware of how to use Chrysocolla stone, you can also follow a healing lifestyle. This can be a simple change in your life by adding meditation, yoga, reiki, or any of the healing practices that you may prefer.

Following these simple healing practices, makes our body more acceptable of the new positive change. To keep it simple, you can even begin using an affirmation.

“I Speak My Truth And Universe Love Me.

I Trust My Intuition And Accept The Positive Change In My Life.

I Speak My Truth And Universe Love Me.”