ROSE QUARTZ: Love, Forgiveness, Self Care

ROSE QUARTZ Crystal Wholesale Online

Chakra – Heart Chakra

Zodiac – Taurus & Libra

Introduction to the Rose Quartz Healing Properties

“ Your Inner Beauty Will Reflect How Others Will Treat You In The Long Run.”

If you search for Rose Quartz Stone, you might also find facial rollers in your search result. And if you may know, yes the Rose Quartz Stone helps in making your skin glow. But surely the stone is more than that.

Rose Quartz crystal is the stone that arose love in your life and promotes forgiveness in your life. 

Often, it is seen that it’s hard to get over the past traumas. Luckily if someone does, letting the hate, and fear go is a whole another level of the task.

The Rose Quartz Stone makes the part of acceptance and forgiving much easier, while also making sure that your emotions are not taken for granted.

Now after a simple brief here, let us look at some of the most surprising benefits of the Rose Quartz Stone.

The Healing Benefits Of Rose Quartz Stone

Rose Quartz Stone


While the benefits of the Rose Quartz crystal on the skin are fairly popular, let us also have a little better look at what the stone has to offer on the Physical level.

So to get started, Rose Quartz crystal is a stone that is highly used to improve the blood circulatory system. Also, the stone helps you in keeping the heart muscles smooth and as strong as possible.

Also, the stone is known for a healthy and safe pregnancy. It is a stone that has deep feminine energy, which means while the stone is caring and possessive towards the loved ones, it is also aggressively protective whosoever tries to mess up with the peace and health.


The emotional healing of the Rose Quartz Stone is tremendously helpful in times of trauma. As discussed, the stone is extremely helpful in healing the deep emotional wounds, finding our drive in life, and sticking to inner peace and purity.

Moreover, while the stone has always been known to bring love to life, it is to be learned that the stone actually acts as a magnet to compassion, care, and the bond between two individuals.

This can either be with someone else or can be with yourself, promoting self-love at first.


Lastly, Rose Quartz is a stone that is highly in contact with your heart chakra. It is the chakra that brings emotional stability. Also, the same chakra is responsible for self-love, willingness to take the next step, and promoting self-care.

Hence when once you welcome the Rose Quartz crystal in your life, you may find the feeling of being open to love, accepting people, and letting go of the jealousy is a part of your life.

The stone brings compassion, peace as well as the warmth that’s missing in life hence fulfilling.

How to use Rose Quartz?

In order to make sure that there is no blockage in the flow of energy, you need to ensure that your crystal is cleansed at a regular interval. So, when you first receive your Rose Quartz from Tocrystal, ensure that you follow these simple steps to re-energize it and cleanse the crystal.

Take spring water, or tap water in a bowl and submerge your Rose quartz in it. Ensure that the water is not too cold and not too warm.

Now, take a soft cloth place the Rose Quartz Stone on it, and dry it out. With this, you have cleansed your crystal successfully. Now in order to ensure that the stone is re-energized naturally, make sure you leave the stone under the direct sunlight of the moon.

The feminine energy of the moon will recharge the stone and as soon as you wear, carry or place the stone to its dedicated place, you will start feeling the difference.

Best Affirmation To Use With Rose Quartz

In addition to cleansing and welcoming the Rose Quartz Stone in your life, taking a step ahead and practicing self-help and healing practices like yoga, mediation and reiki are highly recommendable.

It will ensure that your body, mind, and soul are shaken up and are all set to accept the new energy from the stone.

If you are just starting, you can even begin with simple affirmations like the following.

“ I Am Open To New Love In My Life.

I Feel Peace And I Forgive People For Their Deed.

I Am Open To New Love In My Life.”