CARNELIAN: Grounding, Motivativating, Creativity



Carnelian is a semi-precious stone that is whitish-red in color. This stone is beautiful and highly powerful in healing. The stone gets its color from the impurities of iron oxide in it.

The stone holds amazing power to heal many emotional difficulties too.

What is Carnelian Stone used for?

Carnelian helps you to be more creative by boosting creative ideas and enhancing creativity. You feel grounded, motivated, and braver than you were before.

Carnelian crystal is also good at improving vitality, sexual energies, and dispelling apathy.

People often buy carnelian to improve their concentration, make better life choices, stimulate success in business, and overcome negativity and self-loathing thoughts.

You can also use carnelian crystal gemstone for wearing as carnelian pendant or carry carnelian tumbled stone in a pocket wherever you go.

Sellers that sell carnelian wholesale often offer carnelian crystal and other crystals at reasonable prices. You can also buy a carnelian online from various websites. Online places like Tocrystal sells carnelian wholesale.

What Chakra is Carnelian good for?

Just as the Druzy Agate is highly connected with the Crown chakra, the Carnelian crystal is connected with three lower chakras, ultimately connecting to the Root Chakra. The root chakra is responsible for making you stay grounded and balanced.

The primary chakra for the carnelian is the Sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the master of intimacy, sexuality, and passion. It also channels creativity, money, and joy.

You can use carnelian during the reiki sessions to stimulate your chakras. Place small carnelian tumbled stones on each of your chakras and perform the reiki rituals.

As mentioned above, you can buy carnelian from sellers that sell carnelian wholesale or retail from offline or online. The key is to wear it or keep it close to you as much as possible.

Carnelian Affirmations

I am stable, balanced, and grounded. This is more peaceful than ever before.

I respect my life, my thoughts, and my decisions.

I am away from all the negativities and only positivity is the part of my life.