PHANTOM QUARTZ: Confidence, Awareness, Healing, Detoxification

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Chakra – Crown Chakra

Zodiac – Capricorn, Scorpio & Taurus

Introduction to the Phantom Quartz Crystal’s Healing Properties

“The Reformation Starts From Within, Rest All Is Just Decoration.”

The Phantom Crystals are one starts as another crystal, gets interrupted, and then begins forming another crystal. This creates a unique and powerful formation where the stone possesses the energy of two amazing natural stones.

Moreover, when we talk about Phantom Quartz these are the crystal which has showcased some amazing healing and enlightening signs. If someone is suffering from emotional pain whose roots are back in the past, the stone can be very effective in healing them.

Also, as the stone is in direct contact with the Crown Chakra, it is a stone that helps feel connected with yourself as well as boost awareness and learning abilities.

The Healing Benefits Of Phantom Quartz

Physical Healing

The Phantom Quartz is highly effective in boosting up the mood and acquiring higher wisdom in our lives. Sometimes it gets hard to have a concentrate on our lives, and even after giving our best, it’s hard to remember what we read.

If someone is suffering from similar issues, Phantom Quartz can be the best healing stone for them. The stone ensures better functioning of our mind and gives essential charges to keep our state of mind in control and focused.

Emotional Healing

As discussed before, the Phantom Quartz is a stone that is a great healer of traumas from the past, but in addition, the stone also builds self-worth in your life. The stone act as a source of confidence and a source of self-trust in our life.

Mark the stone as a new you as you would bring a new perspective, a new though-pattern, and so on does your reaction to different situations in the world.

Spiritual Healing

Lastly, the Phantom Quartz is a stone as we discussed is focused on awakening your crown chakra. The stone ensures that your ability to understand yourself enhances. This is highly important in your journey of spirituality as it gives a strong base to get started.

Also, the stone helps you recognize the true intention of people approaching you and shares why are they acting the way they do. Moreover, there would also be times where you would start resisting toxic people. This might catch your consciousness later but when it does you would be glad to have this Phantom Quartz Healing stone in your life.

How to use Phantom Quartz

Just like Quartz and every other healing crystal you need to cleanse your crystal at a regular interval of time. This ensures that there is no blockage of energy and the crystal has stayed in charge with all the required energy in its forming.

So when you first receive your Phantom Quartz from Tocrystal, make sure you cleanse it with a simple process.

Take your crystal and place it under running water. Now with your hands calmly clean your crystal. Now take your crystal and dry it with a soft cloth. Additionally, you can even place the crystal near the plant or in your garden where the stone can also be exposed to sunlight.

Once done, you are all set to wear your Phantom Quartz as a bracelet, carry it as a palm stone or place it in your home or office.

Best Affirmation to use with Phantom Quartz

In order to get full access to the powers of Phantom Quartz crystal, you need to make sure that you are following a self-healing routine. This can be a simple stretch, yoga, meditation, breathwork or even simply sitting in silence.

These simple healing practices make our body much more acceptable towards new healing energies from the stone and give a much efficient result.

If you are just starting out your self-healing journey you can begin with the following affirmation.

“I Feel A New Change Within Me. I Love My Peace And I Love My Success With It.

I Have Complete Control Over My Thoughts.

I Feel A New Change Within Me. I Love My Peace And I Love My Success With It.”