CHRYSOPRASE: Empathy, Forgiveness, Emotional Health

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Empathy – Forgiveness – Emotional Health


Chrysoprase is a gemstone variety of chalcedony that contains small quantities of nickel which gives it a deep hue of green that soothes the eyes.

If you’re willing to heal yourself emotionally and clean slate any negative thoughts and emotions, then this healing crystal is the one for you.

This healing crystal is extremely useful to promote self-love and self-growth by healing emotional wounds. Its delightful green rays release the vibration of divine truth, aiming directly at the Heart Chakra to stimulate self-healing.

What Meaning Does Chrysoprase Hold?

There’s only a thin line between letting go of grudges and self-preservation, and this healing crystal simply supports this fragile emotional balance.

You can either forgive and move ahead or stay shackled in the heavy, drowning pool of grief and grudges that are only going to deplete you and scar you.

The crystal’s calming blue-green rays can teleport you to an ocean of emerald waters brushing against soft, white sands. Allow yourself to float over its divine light of enlightenment, experiencing inner peace and wisdom.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase healing crystal stone is known for restoring emotional health. It balances the energies of Yin-Yang and connects you with the universal energy.

This amazing healing stone promotes self-growth, empathy, and forgiveness.

Chrysoprase and the Chakras

Chrysoprase activates the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. It exudes the feeling of being an important part of the divine body that is associated with the love of truth.

How To Use Chrysoprase For Healing?

Use Chrysoprase during yoga, meditation, and Reiki rituals. Let all your unresolved emotional issues come to the surface and let this healing crystal’s vibrations heal them one after another.

Feel more positive as the energy around you starts to shift.

As this healing stone is linked with the element of water, it’s highly divine and purifying taking bath with it. As the bath time is already relaxing and peaceful, use this crystal to enhance those calming energies.

Chrysoprase Affirmations

I am a mature being. Holding nothing against anyone is my best practice. I forgive to spare myself from any pain that an unforgiving nature can bring.

I am forgiving and I am free.

I love nature and every part of it. I am a part of nature just as others. I love others just as nature.