CLEAR QUARTZ: Clarity, Manifestation & Concentration

CLEAR QUARTZ Crystals Wholesale


Clear Quartz works towards giving you a clear image of your life goals as well as spiritual goals just as clearly as it itself is.

If you’re looking to find a purpose in your life and failing to achieve what you desire, then use the quartz for manifestation and clarity.

What Meaning Does Clear Quartz Hold?

Amplify, absorb, store, release, and regulate energies with the “Master healer”.

This stone holds a strong meaning for its high vibrations. Declutter the mind, body, and soul and give yourself the clarity to live at your highest potential.

Achieve your aims and unique visions that mean the most to you with the power of Clear Quartz.

The power of this healing crystal wipes your spirit and mind clean to give space to creativity, fresh plans, and new beginnings in life.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz?

This quartz stone is an amazing healing crystal stone that helps you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physical Healing

Boosts immune system

Balances the complete body structure

Fights allergies

Improves metabolism

Improves mental concentration

Emotional Healing

Declutters the emotions

Calms the emotions

Brings clarity to your decisions


Spiritual Healing

Cleanses the aura

Helps in the manifestation of desires

Improves spiritual concentration

Clear Quartz and Chakras

Activates and aligns all the Seven Chakras

How To Use Clear Quartz For Healing?

Clear Quartz is an incredible stone to meditate with. Along with cleansing your aura, it also enhances the concentration for you to be more focused on drowning in the positivity of the healing ritual.

Place the stone in front of you as you meditate or hold the quartz healing sphere in each hand while you perform the healing ritual.

As this stone is great at aligning all the Chakras, place the healing crystal on your Chakras as you lie peacefully and let the healing stone energies flow through you.

Clear Quartz affirmations

I find strength and clarity at every step I take towards healing. I will keep moving.

I am energetic and balanced. Nothing can steal it from me and only Clear Quartz can amplify it.

I live a life that I desire, a life of peace, clarity, and energy.