DENDRITIC OPAL: Spiritual growth, Samanic journeys, & Cosmic consciousness

Dendritic Opal Stone Wholesale


Dendritic opal is an amazing healing crystal that is known to inhibit love and spirituality. It looks beautiful.

The major part of the dendritic opal looks milky white and the black dots resemble the black sesame seeds arranged in a root or nerve-like structure.

What are the Healing Benefits of Dendritic Opal?

The dendritic opal crystal is the healer of the spirit. This healing crystal promotes spiritual growth and enhances inner consciousness. People also use Dendritic Opal stone as their protective guardian.

The dendritic opal stone is also known to inspire love and passion within you. Widely, people wear Dendritic Opal bracelets so that it brushes against their skin and promotes all-day healing.

When used during meditation, the dendritic opal can be used to go on inner journeys to the invisible world. If you use this stone during meditation, you may feel a sudden shift in your energies.

Dendritic opal Stone is very highly vibrational and can easily be integrated with your energies.

How to use Dendritic Opal?

Sit in a calm position and hold the dendritic opal palm stones in your hands. Breathe deeply and let the energies of this healing crystal flow within your body.

You may also use them during your reiki sessions and during the yoga sessions. In either of the activities, you may wear the dendritic opal bracelet and let its energies flow within you.

You can buy this amazing healing crystal from anyone selling dendritic opal wholesale or retail. Offline or online.

Dendritic Opal Affirmations

I can feel my spirit flowing towards the invisible world, and I can feel numbness as I speak.

My heart and soul is filled with love, they are filled with passion.

I can feel my energy enhancing and making me lighter.