YELLOW CALCITE: Enhanced energy, Improved health, Optimism

Yellow Calcite Crystal Wholesale


Yellow calcite crystal is a beautiful yellow mineral that is calcium carbonate. It has a hardness of 3-4 on Moh’s scale.

This healing crystal has some amazing healing benefits that can help you both mentally as well as physically.

What is Yellow Calcite Good for?

Yellow Calcite Crystal is good for the upper spine, upper intestine, stomach, and upper back. This healing crystal is also said to improve the immune system, metabolism affecting overall health.

The Yellow Calcite crystal is also great at balancing emotions and bringing energy to the body and mind.

Just like its color yellow, it fills you with brightness and zeal. It promotes mental calmness, optimism in life, self-worth, self-confidence, and reduces hopelessness.

How to Use Yellow Calcite for Healing?

Since Yellow calcite crystal fills you with energy and enhances optimism, it is best to use it during meditation and yoga to make you feel lighter and alive.

Hold the Yellow calcite sphere or palm stone in both hands while you meditate. Feel the vibrations of this healing crystal flowing through your body.

You can use small yellow calcite tumbled stones during the reiki sessions. Place each Yellow Calcite tumbled stone on your 7 chakras to align and activate them.

You can find wholesale yellow crystal shops or retailers to buy Yellow calcite spheres, palms, and jewelry.

Wear yellow calcite jewelry or carry the Yellow calcite tumbled crystal in your pocket for all-day healing.

Yellow Calcite Affirmations

I am optimistic about my life. I am grateful for whatever I am able to do and have no regrets for what I am not.

I feel energetic. My mind and body are all about making me feel happier.

I am calm, I am balanced, I am fit.