Fluorite: Energy, Joy & Positivity

Fluorite Crystals Wholesale Online

Chakra – Third Eye Chakra

Zodiac – Capricorn & Pisces

Introduction to the Fluorite Crystal Healing Properties

“A Negative Mindset Will Bring You Chaos, And A Positive Will Make You Calm. You Choose.”

The feeling of negativity, energy and stress takes a toll on us. If this feeling lasts longer, not only it makes us feel uncomfortable in our skin but also degrades our efficiency to accept happiness in our life.

When this happens, there is no better stone to trust than the Fluorite. Mostly these are transparent but are found in various colours like purple, green, yellow, black, pink as well as other shades too.

This crystal is known for promoting positivity, confidence and self-love. But before we learn about the other healing benefits let us look at its different types.

Different Types Of Fluorite Crystal

Mainly these crystals are found in 6 types.


The Clear Fluorite healing crystal is a stone that works with the crown chakra and works with your intuition and psychic power. More precisely, the stone helps you have a better perspective and give you better clarity of your thoughts.


The Blue Fluorite crystal works along your throat chakra which promotes speaking the truth and calming down the anger. It gives you a better-thinking perspective and a better way to communicate.


The Green one works with your heart chakra to promote love and works on healing you at different emotional levels. The stone also controls addictive behaviour while helping you find a true higher purpose.


The Purple type has some fascinating abilities just like Amethyst. It works with your third eye chakra, helps you with attaining a higher self. Along with this, the stone is also known for its protection ability and its ability to gain control over their emotions and thoughts.


The Yellow Fluorite works with your solar plexus chakra which is responsible to govern your personality and ego. It helps you find a balance between you and your dreams. It enhances your ability to take the risk and bring the most out of your strength.


Lastly, the Rainbow Fluorite healing crystal is the one that shares its grounding ability, while enhancing your creativity, intuitions and communication skills. Along with this the stone also builds a positive mindset and keep your negative thoughts away.

The Healing Benefits Of Fluorite

While different Fluorite healing crystals have different healing properties, they do share some similarities due to the fact that they all belong to a common crystal family.

These benefits can be easily be shared on the basis they are active.


At your physical level, the stone is used as a detoxifier. The stone holds the power to recognize the toxic pattern one might be falling into again and again.

After which the stone breaks it with a positive mindset and the missing drive accomplish the goal.

The stone is also helpful in getting over an addiction to drugs or alcohol.


This crystal helps you in gaining clarity of thoughts. Only a mind with clear thoughts can make sure, no emotions can take situations out of your control. It also balances your optimism with realism and helps you develop your critical thinking ability.


Finally, the most powerful ability of the Fluorite crystal is to free you up from negativity and help you experience your true self. It helps you keep your aura clean and push removes the blockage of energy that’s running through your chakras.

The stone also works on balancing your chakra, while ensuring to resist negativity from the body, mind and spirit.

How To Use Fluorite Crystal?

While most stones require a bit of extra attention, this crystal doesn’t require too much cleansing. When you first receive your Fluorite wholesale crystals from Tocrystal, before you wear it, place the stone under the sunlight or the moonlight.

This direct contact with nature will ensure that your stone is cleansed out of any blockage of energy and is working very effectively to enhance your life.

Once done with cleansing, you can wear it in a form or bracelet, or necklace. You can even carry it in a form of palm stone or place it in at sight where you are always around in its energy field.

Best Affirmation To Use With Fluorite

In order to make your body acceptable towards the new energies, you need to make sure your body is open to changes. This begins by practising the right healing practises like mediation, yoga, reiki or any other healing practice of your choice.

If you are just starting out you can even start by sitting in silence and using the following affirmation.

“ I Am Free Of All Negativity And I Accept The New Positive Change In My Life.

The Stone Is Healing Me And I Accept The New Healing. I Am Free Of All Negativity And I Accept The New Positive Change In My Life.”