MOOKAITE: Decision Making, Adventure & Wholesomeness

Mookaite healing crystal Wholesale

Chakra – Root, Solar Plexus & Heart Chakra

Zodiac – Scorpio & Virgo

Introduction to the Mookaite Crystal’s Healing Properties

“ Your Life Is Full Of Adventure That You May Just Miss Out If You Look For It In The Outside World.”

Sluggishness is a feeling even lazy people fear off. Not wishing to take any action and not being able to take action because of our mood are two completely different things. As a human, we need something new and adventurous to get that dopamine shot in our life.

But What’s stopping us? Well, maybe Mookaite can tell you. Mookaite is a healing stone associated with gratefulness and adventure in our lives.

The stone can be found in vibrant earthly colours, possessing the healing of our mind as well as our heart. If not enough the stone also works with our Root chakra. It is a chakra that brings balance, stability, and confidence to our lives.

The Healing Benefits Of Mookaite


Mookaite is a stone of adventure, hence boosting stamina and being the source of power is the primary benefit of the Mookaite. But in addition to this, the stone is also a healer. It is a stone that keeps infections away from any wound and also discharges energies to heal the wound quickly.

The stone also promotes healthy blood flow as well as assist in the purification of blood through the liver and spleen.

Moreover, the ensures a healthy reproductive system, as well as provides stabilization in our physical health and in our immune system.


On the emotional level, the stone is highly regarded as the stone of stability and leadership. It is a stone that removes any confusion in our life, bring clarity and give better decision-making skill.

The stone also enhances your creativity which means a better intellect during critical situations. And now if that’s not enough, the stone also keeps your empathy and emotions in check.

Lastly, the inner peace and calmness you experience is something unmatchable than any other feeling in human books.


While enlightenment and peace are the primary objectives of every healing stone, the Mookaite focuses on making you ready for that stage of life. The stone works effectively with the Root Chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, and the heart chakra.

These are our lower body chakras which essentially are responsible for bringing balance to our lives emotionally and spiritually.

How To Use Mookaite?

In order to make the Mookait work at its best, a little crystal cleansing will be highly recommended. So, when you first receive your Mookaite stone from Tocrystal, take a bowl of ocean water and leave the stone overnight.

In case you have no access to ocean water, mix salt and regular water in a ratio of 3 tbsp salt in 1 gallon of water.

The next day, take your Mookaite stone and dry it with a soft cloth. And now you are all set to wear your Mookaite, carry it or place it in your home or office.

Best Affirmation To Use With Mookaite

Along with wearing or carrying the Mookaite stone, it is also recommended to indulge yourself in the self-healing process.

This could be anything like mediation, yoga, reiki, breathwork or even simply sitting in silence and observing your own thoughts around your crystal. These simple steps train your body, and mind to be acceptable towards the new energy and get the most benefits from the stone.

If you are just a beginner, you can start your self-healing journey with simple affirmations.

“My Life Is Full Of Adventure And I Am In Control Of It.

I Feel Peace, I Feel Calm And I Feel Loved.”