ONYX: Confidence, Protection, Strength

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Chakra – Root Chakra

Zodiac – Capricorn & Leo

Introduction to the Onyx Crystal’s Healing Properties

“Learn To Light Up Your Intellect During The Nights Of Fear, Stress, And Anxiety.”

If you give it a serious thought every idea, every fear, and every emotion are all born inside our head. But in saying that it is often difficult for us humans to control our brain and our thoughts which can overwhelm us at a much much deeper level.

If this tendency if humans start pushing you to extreme ends of negativity, Onyx might be the perfect stone that can really turn out to be a helpful resource.

This Black stone protects you from falling apart in the negativity, fighting your fear, and coming out as a fierce leader.

The Healing Benefits Of Onyx


At our Physical level, the Onyx is a stone that promotes a strong structural body. It is a stone that makes the bones and teeth strong. Along with this the stone also enhances your stamina and immune system.

These enhanced features of our body help in better recovery and even reduce the frequency of falling ill.

Lastly, the Onyx stone is also known for its ability to improve hearing.


The best part of the Onyx stone is its ability to bring self-control into your life. There are times when stress, anxiety, and fear push us in a corner. At this time all we need is to build confidence to stand up for ourselves and face the situation on our feet.

Onyx becomes the support you need when you feel low. It is a stone that provides control over yourself and gives you the courage to fight your fear.

In the process, the stone also makes sure that you protect yourself from the situation of the deep wound might leave.

Especially, if you are dealing with family, the chance of regretting, either way, winning or losing, is going to hurt. During these times the stone shares its intellect and makes you work toward a better future.


The Onyx stone is the one that works with your root chakra. This chakra is responsible for keeping your spirit grounded. Which means it keeps you safe from falling apart.

The stone fights the dark side of the world and protects you from negative energy in your life and becomes a new source of your life energy.

The higher state often invites both positive as well as negative energy into our lives. The stone protects your psychic ability to overwhelm you and fall onto a path of negative loopholes.

How To Use Onyx Stone

In order to use your stone to its full potential, you shall cleanse your healing crystal at a regular interval. For Onyx the process is much simpler.

When you first receive your Onyx stone from Tocrystal, make sure you cleanse it thoroughly by following these steps. Take your Onyx stone and place it in warm soapy water. Cleanse it with your hands, and then dry it out with a soft cloth.

For regaining its new energy, you shall also place it on a regular stone along with a candle on the side of it. The warmth and light will regenerate the energy of the stone and you will be all set to wear the stone as an accessory or carry it in your purse or in your pocket as a palm stone.

Best Affirmation To Use With Onyx Stone

The best way to welcome the new healing energies in your life is by opening up your mind and body. This can be done by exercising simple self-healing practices like mediation, reiki, yoga, breathwork or even sitting in silence and observing your own thoughts.

If you are just starting out you can even begin your self-healing journey with this simple affirmation.

“ I Trust My Psychic Abilities And I Trust My Inner Strength.

I Am Grounded By Nature And I Feel Protected By It.

I Trust My Psychic Abilities And I Trust My Inner Strength.”