GARNET: Purifies, Balances, & Vitality

Garnet Pendant healing crystal Wholesale


Garnet is a deep red healing crystal that looks like a drop of blood. It has been used for various healing and non-healing purposes since the bronze age.

Though all species of Garnet possess the same physical property, they differ in their chemical composition.

People have been wearing Garnet bracelets and Garnet pendants for ages to utilize all its benefits.

What Are Garnet Healing Properties?

Garnet is the stone for love and devotion. Garnet inspires passion and serenity along with revitalizing, purifying, and balancing the energies.

Garnet crystal is great at balancing the emotions in disharmony and the sex drive.

The wearer of a Garnet pendant or garnet bracelet or any garnet jewellery stays protected from all kinds of negative energies.

Garnet crystal strengthens hope, survival instincts, and promotes courage.

What Chakra Is Garnet Good For?

Garnet chakra is associated with the Sacral chakra. When you activate your Sacral chakra, prosperity, happiness in relationships, and abundance come your way.

Garnet Affirmations

I am pure, revitalized, and completely balanced.

Garnet has made me more loving and passionate.

I am hopeful, I am brave.