LARVIKITE: Wisdom, Creativity, & Intellect

Larvikite healing crystal Wholesale


Larvikite looks fascinatingly beautiful. It displays a beautiful pattern of vivid colours from dark purples to dots of light purple, black, grey, and white.

It is an igneous rock and is sold in various shapes and sizes. There are sellers that sell Larvikite wholesale and retail in the form of palm stones, towers, bracelets, and more.

What is Larvikite good for?

This healing crystal is great at healing many physical, spiritual, as well as emotional issues such as:

Physical healing

Larvikite wholesale

Enhances vitality and youthfulness

Recovery from strokes

Purification of blood

Helps in brain function

Purifies and cleanses body tissues

Improves metabolism

Helps with muscular detoxification

Calms down and reduces blood pressure

Emotional healing

Enhances creativity

Stimulates wisdom

Secures intellect

Evokes emotional strength

Spiritual healing

Meditating with these crystal pal stones in your palms produces inner visions

Enhances psychic abilities

Helps you see through your higher self

Brings clarity to past-life recall visions

How to use Larvikite for healing?

This crystal is a powerful healing crystal and people use it for different purposes. Wear crystal jewellery so that this healing crystal keeps brushing against your skin.

You may use this crystal for yoga, meditation, or reiki. Hold the palm stones in your hands and meditate. Use tumbles stones for reiki. Place the crystal tower or the spheres on a clean white cloth while you perform yoga.

As mentioned, you can easily buy online or offline from sellers that sell larvikite wholesale or in retail. Tocrystal is one of the best wholesale crystal suppliers.

Larvikite Affirmations

I am creative, I am wise,, I am secure with the energies of this stone.

I allow this stone to enhance my psychic abilities and provide clarity to my visions.

I feel healed and awakened.