TREE AGATE: Peace, Protection, Abundance

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Tree Agate is greatly associated with prosperity and wealth and abundance.

Just as the lustful greenery of the large forest trees, this healing crystal fully blooms your life and inspires you to recognize the vital value of life, oxygen, experiences, and nature that supports your existence.

What Meaning Does Tree Agate Hold?

Tree Agate is an incredible connection building stone. It teaches you how to stay rooted, at peace with joy and happiness.

Green is the color of nature, green is the color of money, green is the color of abundance, and green is the sign of growth.

Having been blessed with the energies of earth and water, this healing crystal reflects the shapes and colors of the forest, entwining you with the forest’s energy, soothing natural vibes, peace, and reconnecting you with where our existence came from.

Hold this magical healing crystal and get taken by the forces of nature. Mingle with the powerful energies of earth, let the wind flow through your hairs, let your lungs get filled with fresh, healthy blows of oxygen, and let the leaves rustle all over your body to massage and caress you with care and peace.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Tree Agate?

Physical Healing

Boosts immune system

Better assimilation of water in your body

Improves mental functionality

Emotional Healing

Helps with the issues of stability

Promotes clarity

Helps to overcome negative emotions

Spiritual healing



Regeneration of powers

Awakening towards the nature


Tree Agate works wonders for Heart Chakra. Use it to open your heart and let the energies flow within you easily.

Tree Agate affirmations

There’s enough for me in this world. Enough oxygen, enough light, enough freshness, enough food, enough money, enough love. I am enough.

I am wild and free in this world. Exploring everything and learning everyday.

I let the forces of nature keep me driving. I let the universe enter me and leave me with the colors of wonders.