K2 STONE: Enlightenment, Deep Connection, Consciousness

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K2 is mined from the second highest peak in the world, the K2 peak in Pakistan. The snowy, rugged peaks make it quite difficult to find the K2 stone which makes it very precious and rare.

The stone has an odd and eclectic appearance. K2 is also known as “K2 Granite” and “Raindrop Azurite”.

Get ready to bind your consciousness with your highest existence with the grounding power of the K2 healing stone.

What Meaning Does K2 Stone Hold?

If we look back at our ancestors, we can find a whole huge treasure of wisdom. Our ancestors were always ready for any unseen catastrophes.

They used to be always prepared for the future. Be it to fight the wild animals, any natural calamities, or a cure to any disease without the use of modern medicine present today.

Today may not be as complicated as those times, but we live complex lives that have fewer problems, still more stress.

And, that’s where we need a grounding, balancing stone-like K2. This healing crystal stone helps us better see the future with clarity and fine vision.

What Are The Healing Properties Of K2 Stone?

K2 crystal unlocks and opens the third eye chakra and crown chakra.

This stone helps strengthen the third eye to enhance psychic abilities on all levels like lucid dreaming, telepathy, astral projection, and assist in the opening of the crown chakra.

When our crown opens, infinite amounts of higher knowledge soon begin to seep within us.

The third eye connection to the crown is important at this point and helps in “seeing” what this knowledge truly means.

This wisdom is here to serve you on the path to your higher self, and K2 healing stone is the key to accessing this knowledge and wisdom.

How To Use K2 For Healing?

The best way to use K2 Stone for healing is to meditate with it. Take out at least 20 minutes from your daily routine and sit with the K2 healing stone and absorb its energy.

You’ll realize the grounding power instilling within you, making you wiser. Once you start feeling comfortable with the K2 stone for mediating, step forward to the next level.

The advanced level is to stimulate your Chakras.

Lie down and place the K2 stone on your chakras.  Feel ready to experience high vibrations, energies, and messages from divine beings.

K2 Stone affirmations

I am a divine being of the psychic realm.

I am a dream, I can imagine, and I can manifest. My visions are under my control.

With the power of K2, I allow the guiding spirits to enhance my visions and help me understand the meaning of what I dream, imagine, and visualize.