KYANITE: Balance, Alignment, & Truthfulness

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Kyanite is a bold blue, aluminium-rich metamorphic rock. This healing crystal comes in a variety of colours like blue, white, grey, green, and sometimes even with no colour at all.

This is an extraordinary, multipurpose healing stone that brings balance, aligns the chakras, and affects your whole being in many ways.

Become more truthful, stronger, and subtle with the help of this healing crystal stone.

What Meaning Does Kyanite Hold?

This healing crystal mineral was only discovered in the early 1800s. It generally grows in bars and fans. The name Kyanite is derived from the Greek word ‘Kyanos’ meaning ‘Deep Blue’. The stone is a highly calming stone that works perfectly for dreamwork and meditation.

It is one of those few rare healing crystals that doesn’t require any cleansing or recharging as it doesn’t hold on to any negative energies.

This property makes this healing crystal the most popular for many healing rituals by psychics, healing instructors, yoga trainers, and many others.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Kyanite?

Healing Properties Of Kyanite

This healing crystal aligns all the subtle bodies and Chakras almost instantly. It alleviates the blockages to ensure the gentle flow of positive energies within the body and soul.

The Kyanite healing crystal is known to create a balance of Yin-Yang energy to give a calming effect to your whole being and promote tranquillity. It also encourages you to be more truthful to yourself.

Enhance your psychic abilities and power your Third-Eye Chakra with this serene blue healing stone.

How To Use Kyanite For Healing?

Kyanite is a commonly used stone for healing rituals at times of meditation, reiki, breathwork, and yoga to keep you more balanced, calm, and aligned.

Lie down in a comfortable position and place the crystal on all your chakras to bring harmony and start with the healing ritual that best works for you.

You may sit quietly in a peaceful room with your calms clenched on the tumbled stone.

Wear Bracelet or any Kyanite jewellery for all-day healing as it brushes your skin throughout the day.

Kyanite affirmations

My honesty with myself is the gateway to peace and freedom. I am honest and truthful.

I let the balance drive my life, for balance is what I desire the most.

I have the courage to be truthful and balanced. I demand this healing stone to bring alignment in my body, soul, and mind.