LABRADORITE: Courage, Protection, & Freedom

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Enter the world of magic, the world of spirit, the otherworldly dimensions where anything and everything is possible. Labradorite is the ‘Stone of Transformation’.

This stone inspires you to touch the heights of clouds, be limitless, and enter the quest for the highest consciousness. Nothing is out of reach once you have the energies of this healing crystal stone with you.

This healing crystal works as the gateway to the heavens for the real world so that you accomplish your dreams and desires along with experiencing the best of both worlds.

What Meaning Does Labradorite Hold?

This healing crystal is all about inducing inspiring and uplifting energy to send you in the right direction. It gives you the courage to take that step you’ve been holding back, the step that can change your life.

This healing crystal makes you more courageous and encourages you to choose the path and you desire and fear nothing.

Shine with the light of Labradorite and let endless opportunities come your way.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Labradorite?

This healing stone is a patient companion through change, imparting courage to adopt the change and conquer it.

This healing crystal stone is also a great protector that protects your aura, grounds spiritual energies, and raises consciousness.

Enhance your psychic abilities with this amazing crystal and get ready to explore the world of your own dreams that you’ve been avoiding for so long.

How To Use Labradorite For Healing?

Use Labradorite in all the ways possible. This strong stone is easily used for jewellery making, decoration, as well as healing sessions.

Hold this stone in both your hands and meditate to let the courageous vibrations flow within you.

Labradorite affirmations

I am courageous, I am grounded, I am protected.

I feel safe with the energies of this stone. It is my healer, it is my protector.

I feel my energies, abilities, and senses amplified.