LEMURIAN QUARTZ: Wisdom, Peace, Innovation

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Lemurian Quartz is the “Stairway to Heaven”. Just as clean as they are, this healing crystal is a great cleanser for negativity. 

It is believed that  Lemuria was a tribe of people who were wise, gentle, enlightened, and loving beings who worked with the alignment of the Universe.

The legend says that Lemurians charged their crystals with ancient wisdom and knowledge which they then buried for safekeeping.

What Meaning Does Lemurian Quartz Hold?

Lemurian Quartz strongly stands for wisdom and enlightenment, it leads to light and hope. The closer you keep this healing crystal to you, the closer you get to the discovery of the true desires of your soul.

Each ‘stair’ formation on this healing crystal holds the message that leads to healing enlightenment. The grid-like pattern is the answer to all that is present in this mighty world and unpredictable universe.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Lemurian Quartz?

Lemurian Quartz is the doorway from your mind to your soul. Get your emotional and physical being synched with your spirit.

This healing crystal enhances individuality, clarity provides protection from negative psychic entities, and brings peace, wisdom, and innovation into your endeavor.

How To Use Lemurian Quartz For Healing?

Rub the fingerprints of your thumbs against the grid pattern of the Lemurian Quartz as you hold the crystal in both your hands while meditating.

Gently rub the healing crystal just to unfold the hidden message – just as you gently unfold an envelope to look at the message written within.

Carry this Quartz healing crystal in your pocket to your office, home, and as you travel to unveil the universe as you move.

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Lemurian Quartz affirmations

My mind and body are synched. I feel the shift in the external energies as my internal energies align.

I am focused on listening to what the energy has to convey to me. As my soul listens, I understand the meaning of each message.

The message is hidden in every small part of my existence. I am ready to understand it.