LAPIS LAZULI: Honesty, Self-awareness, Self-expression

Lapis lazuli Crystals Wholesale Online

What Is Lapis?

Lapis Lazuli is a protection stone. It comes in deep blue color with streaks of metallic-golden and silver colors.

This healing crystal is amazing at healing many spiritual and emotional barriers and is known to instill wisdom within the bearer.

What Are The Healing Properties of Lapis?

Lapis is the spiritual healer. This healing crystal protects you from negative psychic attacks, instills deep peace, and harmony.

It helps you to uncover the inner truth, encourages compassion, self-awareness, and self-expression.

People struggling with stress and anxiety often wear healing bracelets or carry healing crystal spheres or tumbled stones in their pockets. This helps them to stay connected with the powerful energies of this stone.

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What Chakra Is Lapis Good For?

Lapis is closely associated with the Third Eye Chakra that is highly useful in enhancing wisdom.

Your Third-eye is the gateway to your subconscious.

When this door opens it connects you to the otherworldly consciousness and the flow of messages and communication with the subconscious is made easy.

Lapis Affirmations

I am wiser than I was before. I am on the path of more wisdom.

I am protected from every negativity under the aura of Lapis.

I feel more connected with my subconscious.