OCEAN JASPER: Uplifts, Inspires, & Self-love

Ocean Jasper healing crystal Wholesale


Self-love is the greatest love, says Ocean Jasper. This healing crystal stone encourages you to embrace yourself, love yourself, spread love and joyfulness.

Its water element washes all the negative dirt off you to feel cleansed and relaxed. It might get hard to feel relaxed and joyful in the day to day modern life. This stone reminds you to not be harsh on yourself and uplifts your mood instantly.

What Meaning Does Ocean Jasper Hold?

Connection with this stone brings waves of calmness and kindness to your body and soul. The vivid patterns and colours in this crystal indicate that life is full of mysteries and a mix of different aspects.

Everyone and everything is beautiful and unique in their ways. The stone demands you to accept and love yourself as you are because you are unique and one of a kind. No matter how hard you try, you can’t be like someone else and no one else can be like you.

Your uniqueness is your beauty. It demands you to be as different as its pattern and as serene as its water element. Water is the only element capable of adapting to any place, getting mingled with any colour, and finding its way out of any space possible.

Thus, no matter where you’re stuck, there’s always a way out. Understand and absorb the properties of healing crystals to live a healthier, positive life.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Ocean Jasper?

Ocean Jasper is one of the best stress relievers. It is the stone that promotes joy and happiness.

This healing crystal stone uplifts the mood and induces a feeling of relaxation. This healing stone makes you feel safe and protected under its guidance and teaches you the way of living – joyfully and fearlessly.

How To Use Ocean Jasper For Healing?

Release the negativity and imbalanced thought patterns with this crystal. Simply meditate with this healing crystal for 20 minutes.

Place the stone at the centre of both your palms and let it touch your skin. Feel these unique ‘water pockets’ calming your inner waves and cooling you down.

Feel refreshed as you feel its oceanic side and let the negativity flow out and drift away from your existence.

This crystal is often associated with Heart Chakra, promoting love and releasing blockages to allow the flow of positivity, joy, and love within you.

Ocean Jasper affirmations

I am stress free, calm, and joyful.

Stress is nothing but the inability of handling things. I can handle myself and feel no need to be stressed.

I am fearless so I am relaxed, I am protected so I am free.