MALACHITE: Growth, Happiness, Transformation

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Chakra – Heart Chakra

Zodiac – Capricorn & Scorpio

Introduction to the Malachite Crystal’s Healing Properties

“Your True Growth Is Measured By The Transformations You Went Through Over The Course Of Your Life For Your Own Happiness.”

Our human mind tends to follow a pattern, a routine that we all follow. While it is for the sake of our own comfort, if fallen on the other side, traps us in a negative loop. The pause in our individual growth, the sluggishness, and the feeling of being trapped and not able to escape are the signs of it.

If sounds familiar, Malachite is a stone that is here to end this loop. To get started with. Malachite is a stone that promotes transformation.

Transformation for our growth and to bring a new positive perspective in our life. It is green copper carbonate material that is usually found with swirling patterns on it.

For decades the stone has been serving people with its ability to achieve growth, bring happiness and transform into a better self. But the benefits of the stone are not just limited to the following traits.

The Healing Benefits Of Malachite


At the Physical level, a Malachite is a stone that is associated with the well-being of our bones, heart, and blood flow.

It is a stone that lowers our blood pressure and keeps our heart rate normal. It also works in the quick healing of broken bones, torn muscles, and problems related to joints.

Moreover, with the stone’s feminine energy, the stone also promotes a healthy flow of blood during periods and support during the menstrual cramps.

Lastly, the stone keeps the body calm and comes very very useful in defeating fear and phobias.


Next on the emotional level the stonework absolutely a protector of our well-being. The stone flushes out the negativity and the harmful toxins from our system.

It is a stone that also alerts you about the mind games played on you, as well as gives you the courage to speak up for yourself and get away from any emotional blackmail.

But most importantly the stone brings transformation to your life. There are times when it is hard to let go of toxic people. These are the time when as individuals we have to take a step but aren’t comfortable enough to leave our present.

The Malachite stone pushes your inner strength to a higher level, pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and still hold on to your empathy, with calmness.


As established before, the Malachite stone promotes transformation. And what better form can a human achieve than the state of enlightenment?

The stone is a passive believer of an individual’s spiritual growth. It is a stone that works along your chakras to align them, as well as, let the positive energy flow through without any blockage.

You may also use the Malachite stone for manifestation as the stone let helps you seek a higher self and help you reach the best state of you.

How To Use Malachite?

Every healing stone requires special care to work in the most effective way and the Malachite stone is no different.  In order to use Malachite stone follow a simple crystal cleansing process.

When you first receive your Malachite stone from Tocrystal, take a bowl of warm soapy water and clean the stone by placing it in it. Now take clean water remove the soap and dry the stone with a soft cloth. Lastly, place the stone in the sunlight for a day to regain its energy and now you are all set to use it.

You can wear it, carry it or place it in a room where you spend most of your time.

Best Affirmation To Use With Malachite Stone

In order to take full advantage of the Malachite stone, practicing self-help duties is highly recommended. This can be simple crystal mediation, reiki, or yoga practice. Moreover, if you are just starting out, you can even use affirmation to get started on your self-healing journey.

“I Am Safe And My Heart Is Open To All Types Of Love.

I Trust Myself And I Trust My Growth.

I Am Safe And My Heart Is Open To All Types Of Love.”