PERIDOT: Vitality, Strength, & Calmness

Peridot Tumbled Pendant Wholesale


Shine as bright as the Sun with Peridot. You just can’t deny this effervescent stone that harnesses the vivacious energy. Hold on to this healing stone to turn darkness into light, night into day, negative into positive, lifeless into lively.

What Meaning Does Peridot Hold?

Peridot is the stone for explorers. If you’re struggling to find light and joy in your life then Peridot healing crystal stone is for you.

The color of this healing stone is simply eye-candy-worthy. Only a gaze at this healing crystal can uplift you and make you feel more cheerful and enthusiastic instantly. The Stone promotes prosperity, abundance, and happiness.

If we turn the pages of history, Peridot is said to be the favourite stone of Cleopatra in Egypt as this stone enhances the beauty along with warding off the evil spirits.

Another folklore suggests that this stone represents the tears of Pele, the goddess of the elements which can still be found on the shore of Hawaii island of Oahu.

Peridot healing crystal is also known as the ‘Emerald of the Poor’ for its less expensive price. But there’s nothing compared to its healing properties.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Peridot?

Peridot Wholesale Crystal

Get refreshed and energized by only gazing at the lime-olive, freshly cut grass colour of this stone.

Physical Healing

Healing effect on gallbladder and liver

Good for sinus and asthma

Aids in the healing of diseases related to the intestinal tract, spleen, breasts, lymph, lungs

Nurses the eyes, thyroid, and stomach

Promotes good sleep

Emotional Healing

Calms and brings happiness and warmth to the wearer

Reduces negativity and protects against negative emotions

Alleviates anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression, nervousness, and fear

Spiritual Healing

Enhances vitality

Helps in the understanding of relationships and their values

Instils truthfulness and promotes rational thinking

Brings openness to mind

Foster love

Enhances comfort, relaxation, and calmness

Improves the spiritual health

Peridot healing crystal also holds the power to manifest money, abundance, and fortune.

Peridot affirmations

I am beautiful, I am unique, no one can be me and I don’t want to be somebody else.

I have no relation with anger, I feel loved and cared for,

I am refreshed, light, and can feel the evil entities getting away from me.