PINK OPAL: Heart Healer, Spirituality, & Love

Pink Opal healing stone Wholesale


If you lack empathy, raise your hands towards Pink Opal. This beautiful healing crystal is not only enriched with healing powers but is also highly affordable in general.

This allows you to understand the story from both ends, put yourself in the shoes of others, and stop being self-centred.

Be more compassionate, humble, and inspiring so that the universe can reap the same for you. This healing crystal stone lets you enjoy the greater love – the love of loving others and being loved.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Pink Opal?

This opal is the healer of the heart. It discharges toxic traumas, stress, and tension by releasing hearty emotions.

This healing crystal brings spiritual peace and alleviates fear, worries, and anxiety. The Opal gives you the message to spread the love so that love can come to you.

How To Use Pink Opal For Healing?

Pink Opal healing crystal is often used for jewellery. You may want to wear a necklace, pendant, ring, and more to stay close to this powerful healing stone.

Use it during meditation and reiki sessions to heal your Chakras and heart.

Pink Opal affirmations

My heart is healed, the scars are lifted, and I am free.

I have enough love to love myself and everyone around me.

I don’t need love in return, I am filled with a lot of love.