RAINBOW OBSIDIAN: Supportive, Resilience, & Abundance

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Rainbow Obsidian is associated with Root Chakra that pulls you back to the earth. Feel more grounded, loved, and supported with the energies of this healing crystal stone.

Just as its appearance and name, obsidian healing crystals hold the power to fill your life with colours and inspire you to be more cheerful and carefree.

Leave the darkness behind, move forward into the world of colours, and mend your broken heart with this powerful healing stone.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Rainbow Obsidian?

Obsidian aids in the healing of a broken heart. This healing crystal will support you in grief, offer you love, happiness, and abundance when you need it the most.

Rainbow Obsidian affirmations

I am a free bird, into the sky and out of this world.

I can feel the colors all over me. Everything is vibrant and cheerful.

My soul is diving into the pool of colors of joy – again and again.