RHODOCHROSITE: Love, Joy, & Worthiness

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Rhodochrosite is a wonderful stone promoting strength, love, and passion. But it’s more than ‘pretty pink’. This healing crystal may look fragile but is utterly powerful when it comes to your consciousness and well-being.

Its high frequencies enable your mind to achieve the highest consciousness and attain spirituality. The stone guards you against negative entities, anger, jealousy, and mistrust.

What Meaning Does Rhodochrosite Hold?

This stone takes its meaning from the Greek word that translates it to ‘Pink’. This healing crystal is linked with the delicate flower rose which is also the symbol of love, compassion, and trust.

The white and pink bands on Rhodochrosite healing crystal are the perfect representation of the bond between purity and love.

Ruled by the planet Venus, it possesses the strong power to courtship and adoration along with attractive beauty and aesthetics. Venus just sits back and relaxes while it receives exactly what it desires.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Rhodochrosite?

As we spoke about how loving, energizing, and cheerful Rhodochrosite is, it’s the ability to open the heart that helps in alleviating depression, negative thought patterns, and encourages aura defence.

This healing crystal integrates spiritual and physical energies, soothing emotional stress.

Rhodochrosite affirmations

I am adorable, I am captivating, and I have the energies to please everything around me. I am magnificent.

I get what I desire, just as I have and the way I will.

Depression does not exist for me. I only let colors, vibrancy, and joy enter my life.