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Amethyst Crystal: Meaning, Uses, Healing, & More

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Amethyst Crystal is one of the most powerful, most beautiful, and most precious healing crystals that has multiple healing properties.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that’s violet in color. This healing crystal comes under the category of silicate mineral and has Moh’s hardness of 7.

The most famous forms of Amethyst come as clusters and geodes.

Amethyst crystal is found at several locations in the world. The major places from which this magical healing crystal comes are:

Bolivia, Uruguay, Zambia, and Ontario. Lesser amounts are found in Brazil, Russia, Africa, Afghanistan, Mexico, South Korea, and the United States.

What Is Amethyst Stone Good For?

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Amethyst is the best tranquilizer for emotional suffering. This healing crystal helps in alleviating stress, and soothes mood swings, irritability, anger, fear, rage, and anxiety.

Amethyst crystal heals multiple issues that your mind, heart, and soul might be suffering from.

It is also good for people who are looking for spiritual awakening as the Amethyst healing crystal is known to open intuition and enhance psychic abilities.

Who Should Wear Amethyst Gemstone?

It is said that people who have destructive effects of Saturn in their horoscope must wear Amethyst healing crystals.

The energies of Amethyst are protective. Amethyst wards off negativity, protects one from evil psychic energies and purifies the aura.

Apart from mental and spiritual protection, the Amethyst crystal also protects you from harmful electromagnetic waves that can cause harm to your body and activate cancer-causing cells.

Amethyst crystal is said to work wonders for people born with Capricorn as their zodiac sign.

Signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Leo should also wear Amethyst jewelry or carry around an Amethyst sphere or palm stone in their pocket.

What Is Amethyst A Symbol Of?

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst symbolizes spirituality. The purple hues of Amethyst crystal represent the purity of spirit.

Its violet, purplish, and reddish colors are often associated with the purifying and neutralizing effects of suffering.

Some even believe that the hues are a recall of the wounds of Christ. Thus, the people in ancient times started using Amethyst to heal visible and invisible wounds.

Some used to tie the Amethyst crystal around their necks and some used to put the Amethyst cluster in Abalone and light sage to create the smoke that touches Amethyst and then spread it around the sufferers.

Can Amethyst Be Worn Every Day?

Amethyst is not a tough stone as it has a hardness of 7 on Moh’s scale. However, it isn’t a delicate stone either.

If you’re wearing an Amethyst ring then you may avoid rigorous activities to prevent the stone from major cracks or scratches.

Though, if you’re wearing an Amethyst pendant or bracelet, then these may be worn on the daily basis.

Furthermore, the daily wear and use of Amethyst only add up to its beauty.

How Do You Use Amethyst For Protection?

Amethyst Crystal

As explained, you may wear Amethyst jewelry, and carry Amethyst crystal in your pocket for all-day protection.

People also keep an Amethyst cluster or an Amethyst angel by their bedside table to protect themselves from negative entities and filthy aura during their sleep.

If you have a small chunk of Amethyst, Amethyst sphere, or Amethyst palm stone, keep it under your pillow.

Keep the Amethyst crystal in your living room, office spaces, and places you think need cleansing from negative energies.

Which Chakra Is Associated With Amethyst?

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst crystal is associated with the Crown Chakra.

Your seventh chakra is symbolized with purple light, the same as the color of Amethyst.

Using Amethyst to open your Crown Chakra simply enhances your focusing ability and keeps you aware as well as protected from negative thoughts.

It promotes serenity and calmness in your head and relaxes the mind.

How To Meditate With Amethyst?

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– Find yourself a calm and quiet place to meditate. Sit away from daily chaos and noises. Sit in your comfortable meditation aasan and hold the Amethyst palm stone in both your hands.

Feel the smooth texture of the palm stone brushing against your palms holding it.

Start breathing deeply while feeling the flow of breath from your stomach to lungs to the throat, and finally your nose. With each release of your breath, feel the vibrations of Amethyst flowing through you.

Let the vibrations of the Amethyst crystal block all the negative and stressful energies and enhance the flow of positivity. Amethyst is an amazing healing crystal for positivity.

– Another way of meditating with Amethyst is to perform reiki.

Lie down on your back in a comfortable and relaxed position.

Place the Amethyst crystal, palm stone, or Amethyst Wand between the space of your eyebrows (the Crown Chakra), chest, and on your belly button.

If you just have one Amethys healing crystal, it’s important to place it on your crown chakra, as this stone is associated with the Crown Chakra.

– People also choose to wear Amethyst Jewelry like bracelets or pendants or earrings so that the stone is touching them wherever they go and they experience full-day healing.

How Can You Tell If Amethyst Is Real?

Amethyst is easily impersonated by taking the glass and adding purple dye which can be easily mistaken for real. A single shade of purple evenly distributed throughout the gemstone is likely to be fake.

It should have natural cracks, hues of light and dark purple, and different color zones of purplish, whitish, and reddish colors.

Another way to find out if it’s real or fake, try looking for bubbles that get created during the blowing of glass.

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Amethyst is the stone for spirituality, positivity, and protection. There are distinctive healing properties of Amethyst crystals.

People have been using Amethyst for ages and it has worked wonders for many. By relieving stress and anxiety, Amethyst fills your life with peace and calmness.

Stimulating your crown chakra, it helps you focus more on the positive things and promotes good thoughts that give a healthy shape to your life.

Whenever you buy an Amethyst healing crystal, remember that you’re getting one step closer to working up a spiritual and positive lifestyle.

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Amethyst FAQs

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a violet-colored variety of Quartz. This amazing healing crystal comes under the category of silicate mineral. The most famous forms of Amethyst crystals come as geodes and amethyst clusters.

What Is Amethyst Stone Good For?

Amethyst soothes emotional suffering. It helps in easing mood swings, dispelling stress, irritability, anger, fear, rage, and anxiety.

Who Should Wear Amethyst Gemstone?

People having destructive effects of Saturn in their horoscope should wear an Amethyst healing crystal to stay protected from evil and negativity. Signs like Scorpio, Cancer, and Leo should also wear Amethyst crystals.

Can Amethyst Be Worn Every Day?

Amethyst can be worn every day. it is a tough crystal with a hardness of 7 on Moh’s scale which makes it quite strong to be used daily.