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7 Mystical Healing Crystals For Positivity

Healing Crystals For Positivity

The use of healing crystals and gemstones to heal the soul, enhance positivity, and bring peace is simply unexplainable and magical in so many ways.

It’s fascinating how we can use something so powerful produced by nature. A vivid composition of chemicals, earthly materials, and energies to bring a change in our lives.

Different healing crystals have different mystical powers and it’s never too late or never too early to use such healing crystals for positivity – After all, life is all about it!.

7 Amazing Healing Crystals for Positivity

1. Rose Quartz

Healing Crystals For Positivity

Rose Quartz is the stone for love. This healing crystal removes blockages from your heart and subtly allows the free flow of love and positivity into your heart.

Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry, using Rose Quartz palm stone for meditation, or simply keeping Rose Quartz spheres or angels in your living spaces can help you alleviate negativity from your life as well as spaces.

Rose quartz is one of the best healing crystals for positivity. It is known to bring positivity and harmony into love relationships too.

It promotes love of all kinds – self-love, unconditional love, and love towards others, and enhances love in relationships.

2. Amethyst

Healing Crystals For Positivity

This ethereal stone is so beautiful that just a gaze at it can instantly make you feel more positive. It’s hard to believe if Amethyst belongs to this world as it looks so magical and other-worldly.

Amethyst is a wonderful healing crystal for positivity. Amethyst clusters and geodes are some of the most powerful healing crystals for positivity to rid your home of negative energies.

The stone is believed to lift depression and anxiety and fill the voids with peace, calm, and positivity.

Amethyst healing crystals have some amazing physical healing properties too. It is said to boost the nervous system, and immune system, aid in the cure of insomnia, and control mental temper.

3. Citrine

Healing Crystals For Positivity

Citrine exudes the sunny, refreshing, revitalizing, and sparkling energies of the sun. It is associated with the Sacral chakra, Solar plexus chakra, and Crown chakra.

Citrine is the healing crystal for positivity. It instantly lifts up your mood by shifting the energies to positive around your aura.

This healing stone helps you remove self-doubt and instills confidence within you. When it comes to healing crystals for positivity, Citrine is the best pick. The stone is linked with positivity and optimism.

4. Turquoise

Healing Crystals For Positivity

With its warm and gentle vibrations, Turquoise healing crystals for positivity enhance positive thinking and cultivate happiness and calmness.

Its oceanic blue and green color bring breezy and deep calmness to the soul.

You can wear the Turquoise bracelets, ring, or carry a chunk around with you to keep a lump of positivity always with you and attract more positivity to your life.

5. Jade

Healing Crystals For Positivity

Jade comes in different colors and varieties. It’s a beautiful healing crystal for positivity as it is known to enhance all the good things in life like peace, calmness, luck, and comfort.

Be it blue, green, brown, or any other, Jade will bring positivity around.

6. Sunstone

Healing Crystals For Positivity

The lively energies of Sunstone bring positive energies to your life. These healing crystals for positivity are also linked with good fortune and luck.

Sunstone helps you shine through happily by encouraging good nature, and positive intuitions. It encourages originality and independence. 

7. Black Tourmaline

Crystal Towers For Healing

Black tourmaline is the protector. This healing crystal for positivity protects you from evil and negative entities and replaces them with positive and calm energies.

It is a powerful grounding stone that enhances your connection with mother earth so that you feel more positive, balanced, and connected to your roots.

Final Words

Positivity is a scarce luxury in life. The use of healing crystals for positivity to ward off negativity and enhance positivity is one step closer to this luxury.

You can buy healing crystals online and use them in your day-to-day life. Most people wear crystal jewelry, meditate with them, keep it in their office and living spaces, and even carry them around to experience positivity all day long.

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