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10 Best Blue Crystals You Should Add To Your Collection

Blue Crystal

Crystals are more than just the formation of rocks and minerals. These beautiful healing stones have been used for ages for their properties and benefits. Each healing crystal is associated with some kind of energy.

And, among these healing gemstones, there are blue crystals that are powerful and effective for your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Today, we are going to talk about 10 such best blue crystals that you must add to your healing crystals collection.

Top 10 Blue Crystals

1. Lapis Lazuli

Blue Crystal

Lapis lazuli is an amazing blue crystal that is known for its intellectual benefits. It opens the mind and offers enlightenment. It’s a wonderful healing crystal to attain peace, harmony, self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-consciousness.

Lapis lazuli is associated with the Third-Eye Chakra and the Throat-Chakra. Throat chakra enables you to make your thoughts vocal. It gives you the confidence to communicate with openness.

Third-Eye is essential to achieve spirituality and know your inner-self. So, if you’re looking to open your mind and spirit, then this healing crystal is a must-have healing stone.

2. Aquamarine

Blue Crystal

Aquamarine is a cool stone. This blue crystal keeps you calm, cools your rage, and controls your temper. It heals you from emotional trauma and helps you resolve every conflict with wisdom.

When you’ll wear this Aquamarine, you’ll start to notice the change in your actions and behavior. They will become calmer and thought out. Aquamarine helps you relieve stress, feel peace, and helps you resurface the emotions. 

3. Blue Sapphire

Blue Crystal

Blue sapphire is a very precious and highly beneficial crystal. It is also the fastest-acting healing crystal. This blue crystal is great for removing negativity and fears and helping you with strengthening self-control.

Other benefits of blue sapphire are it boosts metabolism, protects against accidents, terror, and theft, and improves financial health.

4. Sodalite

Blue Crystal

Sodalite brings calmness and orderliness to mind. It is the perfect stone to harness emotional balance and verbalize is the stone for self-trust, self-esteem, and self-acceptance.

If you ever have panic attacks, wearing sodalite helps you prevent them from occurring. Sodalite encourages intuition, truth, objectivity, and rational thinking.

5. Blue Aventurine

Blue Crystal

Blue Aventurine is very gentle. It is the crystal for the heart and mind that promotes calm and steady working. Blue crystals like blue aventurine amplify the masculine energies that enhance inner strength and self-discipline.

The crystal helps you overcome aggression, childish behavior, and selfishness. In a nutshell, blue aventurine is for the immense growth of mind, emotions, and spirit.

6. Apatite

Blue Crystal

Apatite enhances intellect and creativity. This blue crystal increases truth and knowledge and eases grief, rage, and apathy.

Apart from healing you mentally and emotionally, apatite has a lot of physical benefits too. Apatite aids in the better absorption of calcium in teeth, bones, and cartilage. It helps with the healing of joint pains and soothes arthritis and also encourages the formation of new cells.

7. Blue Lace Agate

Blue Crystal

Blue Lace Agate helps you overcome overthinking and excessive thoughts during meditation. This pale blue crystal helps children with hyperactivity and loudness.

Blue Lace Agate can easily help with your overactive mind by soothing the energies and instilling peace. This healing crystal easily dissolves the old toxic pattern of thinking and allows you to have a more positive perception.

8. Azurite

Blue Crystal

Azurite is a deep blue crystal. Just the look of it can fill you with energy and vibrance. Its sweet vibrations help you dissolve the blockages and from all the ends you have in your body to release negative energies.

Azurite is the stone to awaken your third eye to develop deep intuition and inner guidance. This blue crystal also has the power to form healthier cells to enable the better flow of oxygen into the blood for better mental and physical health.

9. Blue Kyanite

Blue Crystal

Blue Kyanite is one of the best blue crystals for your spirit. When it comes to spirituality, it promotes better communication and self-expression. It connects you with your higher self.

It is also one of the best blue crystals that are associated with the throat chakra. It encourages truth-speaking, confidence in communication, peace, and consciousness.

10. Turquoise Crystal

Blue Crystal

Turquoise is an ocean-color crystal. It is excellent for balance and the alignment of all the chakras. Turquoise stabilizes inner peace and reduces mood swings. It is also great for alleviating depression, panic attacks, and exhaustion.

Along with alleviating negative energies, this blue crystal also gets rid of the effects of atmospheric pollutants. Its remarkable healing properties take care of the overall body and mind fitness and make it one of the must-have blue crystals for your crystal collection.

Final Words

The healing crystals mentioned above are the best blue crystals that you can ever collect for your crystal collection. Just as their name suggests, they are very often associated with keeping you cool, calm, and balanced. Each blue crystal possesses its own healing benefits.

Most people prefer using these best blue crystals for jewelry or keeping crystal towers in their bedroom, living room, or offices. The energies from these healing gemstones keep flowing into the body and your environment to spread its healing vibrations all over.

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