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Pink Amethyst: Real, Origin, & Benefits

pink amethyst

As crystal suppliers we are often asked about the variety of crystals and if they are real. One such amazing stone is the Pink Amethyst.

Today, we are breaking down everything that you need to learn about the Pink Amethyst stone and answering all your questions regarding this amazing stone.

We are discussing:

  • Is Pink Amethyst Real?
  • Is Pink Amethyst Rare?
  • What is the Origin of Pink Amethyst Crystal?
  • Benefits of Pink Amethyst stone

Now with so much to answer, let us begin with the list and answer the most common questions about Pink Amethyst crystal.

Is Pink Amethyst Real?

Yes, Pink Amethysts are real as they are mined directly out of the earth’s crust.

One can often mistake them as Rose Quartz, or Pink Quartz, but in proper condition, you can see the minute differences between them.

Is Pink Amethyst Rare?

Compared to regular Purple Amethyst, yes Pink Amethysts are rare. The stone was recently discovered in 2019 and has captured a lot of attention among crystal collectors and healers.

What Is The Origin Of Pink Amethyst Crystal?

Pink Amethyst Crystal

Pink Amethyst was first discovered in 2019 in the El Chiquada region of Patagonia, Argentina. This Pink Amethyst is only found in this region making it a rare and popular amethyst crystal around the globe.

Benefits Of Pink Amethyst Stone

Now that we have learned about the origin of the Pink Amethyst stone, it’s time to know about its healing properties as well.

We already know that the regular Amethyst stone (Purple Amethyst) is known for its masculine energy. It is known as the Warrior stone for its ability to defend us from negative energy and the evil eye.

On the other hand, Pink Amethyst crystal is filled with feminine stone. Keeping that in mind, here are a few benefits of pink amethyst crystals.

  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances creativity
  • Overcomes grief and anger
  • Brings calmness to your mind
  • Balances your masculine energy
  • Improves concentration & multi-tasking

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