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7 Best Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

7 Best Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

We all have heard about gratitude and why we need it in our lives. From journaling to self-reflecting meditation, we all seek to bring a little more gratitude to ground us. And to help make this journey a little better, I am sharing the 7 best crystals for gratitude.

These gratitude crystals are natural elements that calm us and clear our heads. The crystal also adds many more benefits, that you’ll be learning right here in this article.

Gratitude is the feeling of being thankful. Showing appreciation in return for kindness. But this is not just limited to people around us. Gratitude can be towards nature, towards life, towards everything that is making our lives easier, happier, and better.

While learning about the best crystals for gratitude, we’ll be learning more about healing crystals, their us,e and how gratitude crystals are making our life easier.

Without taking any more time, let us get started with our list.

7 Best Crystals For Gratitude


Sunstone - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Sunstone is among the best crystals for gratitude and positivity. It is a crystal that acts as a source of stability, and creativity in our lives. It is when we start feeling fulfilled, that we start appreciating things in our lives as well.

It is a gratitude crystal, aligned with the energies to boost our leadership and thoughtfulness. All these positive and creative energies keep us on the path to achieving our goals.

At the same time, keeps us grounded and feels us the gratitude that we are seeking.


Citrine - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Citrine is a popular yellow healing crystal with a huge demand across the world. The crystal is considered the natural source of positivity and manifestation in nature.

It is a crystal that every healing crystal enthusiast collects and uses to keep happiness stored within them.

If you feel like you lost the innocence and creativity that you had a few years ago, Citrine crystal will peel off the layers and help you reconnect with yourself.

The feeling of being connected to your true self, makes us feel complete and grounded. Making Citrine is among the best crystal for gratitude.


Amethyst - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Amethyst is unarguably a crystal that every crystal lover flaunts in their collection. A warrior stone aimed to protect as well as help you succeed in your life.

Amethyst shares the energies of a true warrior in our lives. Thankful for every day, making sure you squeeze the life out of every second and enjoy every breath you inhale.

All this puts us in a state of calm, relaxation, and unaffected by external factors that fill us with gratitude and positivity. If you are looking for your first crystal, I highly recommend you go with Amethyst crystals for gratitude and positivity.


Aquamarine - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Aquamarine is a gratitude crystal that people believe, represents water. The sense of being fluid with life, and not opposing the changes. Aquamarine stands out as a powerful healing crystal, aligned to make us feel fulfilled and thankful in our lives.

It is a crystal, that keeps us calm in tough situations, and energetic when tasks require it. Overall, Aquamarine crystal is a stone for people who are feeling lost and confused.

Aquamarine will help in cleaning out negative thoughts and motivating us towards going with the flow of life. Making Aquamarine among the best crystals for gratitude to you.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Clear Quartz is considered the master healer among all crystals. It is a gratitude crystal that helps in healing our physical, emotional, and spiritual forms to help us be in control of our actions, thoughts, and senses.

If it is hard for you to trust someone, it’s hard to stay strong in your vulnerability Clear Quartz is the best healing crystal for you.

The stone will help you regain your strength, take back control in your hands, become much more acceptable towards people, and change situations. This calmness through the clear quartz makes it among the best crystals for gratitude.


Rainbow Moonstone- Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Moonstone is among the top crystals for gratitude due to its ability to keep our emotional tides in check. A crystal associated with feminine energy calms our rage and makes us much easier to communicate with.

The stone also helps in be happy with all the gifts we receive. Small but significant events, that we might overlook, the stone makes us much more thankful towards them.


Rainbow Fluorite - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Fluorite is the final, but one of the best crystals for gratitude that you can get for yourself. It is a healing crystal that works with our mindset. Rather than changing, it helps us better understand both sides of a situation and make better decisions. 

Instead of making any rational decisions, Fluorite helps in ensuring that we understand everything and then take the action. All this keeps us calm, confident, and much more positive in our life.

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