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Clear Quartz Crystal: Meaning, Properties & Use

Clear Quartz Crystal meaning, properties

Among all the powerful and popular healing crystals, Clear Quartz Crystal holds a different stage. It is a crystal that every crystal enthusiast wants and recommends to their friends and family.

A crystal that is known as the “Master Healer” and by the end of this article, you’ll know why.

I am sharing with you, everything that you must learn about the clear quartz crystal.

With all this amazing world of crystal to learn about, let us get started with the article right away.

What is Clear Quartz?

What is Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz Crystal is a mineral made of silicon atoms and Oxygen. It is a transparent, clear white color crystal extracted from open-pit mines.

Clear Quartz Crystal is among the most popular form of quartz along with the Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and more.

It is a crystal that helps in healing us at various stages of physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. That is why it is among the popular healing crystal, used in various forms of self-healing activities.

Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz

Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz

In the above section on what is clear quartz, we were talking about various healing benefits of clear quartz. Now, let’s dive deep into them and learn about them in a better way.

Physical Healing

At the physical level, clear quartz crystal plays a critical role in making sure our gut and immune systems work at their best. It is a crystal that ensures that all the toxins in our body are flushed and our physical health stays in its prime.

Before moving ahead on the ladder of health and healing, our physical body must be at peace. Clear quartz crystal ensures that and helps us stay confident to manage the daily chores of our life.

Emotional Healing

At the emotional level, clear quartz crystal helps you bring stability to thoughts and the flow of emotion. Rather than reacting, the crystal fills you with a third-person view of a situation, helping you make better decisions.

The crystal also protects you from negative thoughts and ensures that you are filled with positivity among you. The crystal is filled with energy to ensure that any block of emotion is removed, and you can learn and move ahead in your life much more smoothly.

Spiritual Healing

At the final stage, that is Spiritual healing the true potential of clear quartz crystal, starts to unfold. This healing crystal, unlike others, works with all our chakras, cleanses, and opens them to help us move ahead in our journey.

Clear Quartz And Zodiac Sign

Clear Quartz And Zodiac Sign

While clear quartz can be worn by any zodiac sign, people born under the Aries sign have clear quartz as a birthstone.

The sign can often push themselves hard towards the point of getting burned out in their work. And this leads to feeling demotivated and without balance in life.

A clear quartz crystal helps in getting over this constant battle and makes sure that we are always filled with motivation, without burning out.

Other than Aires, people with Leo signs can use Clear quartz for its benefit.

Clear Quartz And Healing Chakra

Clear Quartz And Healing Chakra

Clear quartz crystal works with our Crown chakra. A chakra that is associated with our spiritual experiences, our ability to interact with the world on a higher level and also learn more about the people just through our sight.

The Crown chakra is the top chakra, found right above our head. It is one of the hardest chakras to open, and in the journey clear quartz does play a huge role.

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Clear quartz crystal is one of the most powerful and well-known crystals that people across cultures have been using. A crystal that heals us at every stage of life and makes it easy for us to evolve our stage of consciousness.

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